Aspirator on CASE 440 skid steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ksss, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Here are the photos of the aspirator. The hose is piped into the bottom of the air cleaner box, it runs to the small canister you see in the picture and then is plumbed into the exhaust. The result is the dirt is sucked out of the filter and is vented out with the exhaust. Like I mentioned before in real dirty conditions it shines the inside of the exhaust pipe. Works awesome. Almost eliminates replacing the air filter. I have had it serviced twice and had the filter replaced at 500 hours each time just because. I saw this system on a 445 Series 3 machine, however it does not sound like it is available on the 465 or 450 due to lack of room. That is too bad. The 465 has a different system with a containment system of sorts in the cap ofo the air cleaner housing. It is better than the 95XT I had but not near as effective as this aspirator. Another bonus is with this system I can work in Yellowstone Park without issues. They are very touchy on the exhaust systems of heavy equipment.

    air cleaner 7.08 002.jpg

    air cleaner 7.08 004.jpg

    air cleaner 7.08 001.jpg
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    My dozer is set up something like that.In the exhaust pipe there is a divider that is part of the system on it.:usflag:
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    Do you have to remove that to get the air cleaner out?Doesn't look like you have room to get it out without removing it.:usflag:
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    You have to pull the hose clamp of and then open the air cleaner. When I first got the machine I thought who engineered this service nightmare. Having to pound out filters a couple times a day, I did not want to have to dick with taking that apart. As it turns out they could cement it in there if they wanted cause you don't find yourself having to get at it very often. Like I said I have replaced the air cleaner twice, just because I feel I should. The light has not come on indicating the the filter is obstructed.
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    It doesn't look that complicated. I know Dale(KRtraxx) sells some on the New Hollands, have not heard anyone running one around here. I asked at my Case dealer and they were not sure(or didn't care to) if you could retrofit on an older skid.
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    What causes the aspirator to self clean, the vacuum from the exhaust? I'm stumped.
  7. ksss

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    I think so but honestly I am not sure. I believe the small canister is likely some type of one way valve.
  8. AWJ Services

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    Anytime you have air flow and you insert a tube(at an angle) into it it will create a vacuum at the pipe that is inserted into the airflow.
    So when the exhaust flow is high(High throttle settings) it creates a vacuum on the incoming airflow which will help pull the dirt out of the filter canister.
    Hence the clean exhaust pipe.
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    were did u get the the kit from. My case dealer can't seem to find it.
  10. SiteSolutions

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    That's crazy.

    Do you do any harley raking? I have to knock the dirt out of my outer filter after a few hours.

    I want one.

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