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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Roger, Jun 28, 2004.

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    Is there a web site with assembly drawings for a 15hp Kohler, ProCommand engine?

    I recently had a spring come off the choke control lever, a spring with two legs and two (three?) coils. The engine started sputtering, reacting like it was being choked. I stopped right away to investigate and found the spring laying on the mowing deck. It looked in fine shape, nothing broken, still having good spring action. However, not having a working knowledge of the linkages of the throttle assembly, I did not understand where it was to be reinstalled.

    I called the dealer but they were of little help. The explanation was that Kohler had so many different models, he couldn't help me for my problem. He suggested coming to the parts department and looking at the drawings in the parts book. I did not want to spend a few hours for the round trip to the dealer. I kept trying to fit the spring, and eventually found the holes the legs were to engage. After I got it engaged, the engine has worked well for the past two weeks.

    I remain unsure why the spring came off. I suspect that I drove the machine under some bushes or stiff branches and one of the legs of the spring got pushed out of the engagement hole.

    If I could have tapped into a web page with the drawing, I would have been assured that I had remounted it properly. Any ideas?

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    Your best bet would be to e-mail Kohler directly or visit your dealer to look at the drawings. Unfortuneately I'll be out of the office all week and answering e-mails from the road otherwise I could possibly dig something up that I could fax. Most of these drawings however are pretty intricate and probably won't fax well.



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