Association Of Outdoor Lighting Porfessionals (AOLP)


Harrisburg PA
Its that time of year, presents under the tree, family coming and going, the AOLP conference right around the corner. This year the conference will be held in Lake Buena Vista FL, at Disney's contemporary resort, 02/09/12-02/11/12. If you're doing more lighting design/installs and want to see many different manu's and network with other professionals like you or if you're thinking of diversifying your services by offering lighting and want to get some honest face to face advice from your peers, this conference is the place for you. you don't have to be a member to come to conference. I hope those of you that are in the region will take a look at the AOLP and make an effort to come. Part of the reason we move it around the country every year is to create an opportunity for contractors/manufacturers/distributors in those regions to take a look at the association and it's members. click on the link below for information. any questions can be asked here or by calling the office
Merry Christmas