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  1. JimK

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    I work closely with a bunch of landscape/lawn care associations all over the country. I'm curious. (1) Do you belong to any regional or national associations and (2) are you active?
  2. tailoredlook

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    currently member of alca. Not really active right now though.
  3. CMerLand

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    We belong to several organizations on both a local and national front.

    NJ Landscape Contractors Association
    NJ Turfgrass Association
    Professional Grounds Management Association
    Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)
    National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

    Our activity in most of these organizations is primarily limited to reading newsletters and attending the annual conference each organization puts on. With the exception of SIMA and NFIB have attended at least one of the annual conferences where a great deal of networking and education information can be gathered. Once my company can become more self suffiecient I hope to be able to have the time to become more active in these organizations. I believe in the power of organizations to help improve the overall image of the green industry, as well as act in the industries best interest to prevent ridiculous (re: blower/pesticide bans) from being passed at the whim of someone who has no understanding of the industry.

  4. Mykster

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    I haven't joined yet but, I've been attending meetings for WALP. Washington ***. of Landscape Professionals. Was invited to go from a partner of a Landscape curbing co. Had a good time and been attending meetings ever since.

    Kind of nice mingling with owners of small, med. to large co.'s. I like being around owners who are at where I want to be with my business.
  5. Ax Man

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    I'm just getting started with NYSTA.
    I work with other associations for my off season job, and have finally decided to get my butt in the game here where I make my living.
    Kinda backwards I know, But I'm starting anyway.

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