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Coastal NH
You have mentioned before that you attend association meetings. Did you guys form your own with other local contractors? What makes up these meetings, discussions, and are they helpful? Please elaborate as I have thought about getting together with other LCO's but would like some info.




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Flint, Michigan
Mike, We have one here in Genesee County called G.A.L.N.A.. It is the Genesee Area Landscape and Nursery Association. I was alway going to join, but never have. It has several members who meet regularly at restaurants and such, and exchange information and have fellowship. I'll probably join this next season. I am also currently in the process of forming another organization in my area. This will be called F.A.L.C.O.N.. It stands for Flint Area Lawn Care Organization Network. It will be much like G.A.L.N.A., but our main mission is going to be banning together for focused community efforts and charity work. Myself and other companies have already teamed up a few times to accomplish some of these kinds of things. One was cleaning up and revamping an old overgrown cemetery. That was worth every minute of our time when we recieved the thank you's and letters of appreciation from the families. This was an old cemetery - some sites going back to the 1800's.

Ground Rules

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Candia, NH
Does anyone belong to a National Landscapers Association? I have heard that one exists but have been unable to locate old paperwork on it. If so, is it worth membership?

Also, if any members are in the NH area, is there any NH specific organizations? I have yet to find anything specific to my area.


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Central Texas
Ground Rules, there are several goood organizations such as:
ALCA (American assoc of landscape contractors)
PGMS (Professional grounds maint society)
PLCAA (Professional lawn care assoc of America)
They offer and promote certification, training, support and overall excellence throughout the industry.
State organizations may offer some of the same programs such as pesticide, irrigation, and landscape certification on a state level. Here in Texas we have TNLA Texas Nurseryman and Landscape assoc. They put on a big landscape show every year where you can view companys and products relating to the green industry. Also state certification exams are offered at the shows. I am a member of two organizations. You pay yearly dues and can use there logo on business cards and credentials. But I have not been able to charge any more since I became certified We just offer a wider range of services to clients legally.