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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Digdeep, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Digdeep

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    I was talking to my salesman on my way home today and he said that ASV just released a tracked utility vehicle. He said it's on their website now and that it has a 4,000lb payload, a travel speed of up to 11.5mph, a passenger seat and its steering wheel controlled. He said he was going to order one in with a hydraulic dump box. I looked at their website and you can open up the specs. It looks pretty cool, but I'm curious to see what the applications would be.
  2. Dirty Water

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    Trying to give the John Deere Gator a run for the money I see. The only advantage it would have over the gator is the larger payload amount and ability to cross swampy area's.

    I don't see too much point in those little rigs, seems expensive for the small payload and speed.

    However, I wonder how it is to steer a tracked machine with a steering wheel?
  3. cddva

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    So as not to sound like the skeptic and ask "what's the point of that machine" (wasn't that said at Kitty Hawk when the Wright brothers showed up with that contraption), instead I'll ask what was DigDeep really up to "talking" with his salesman, some early XMAS shopping?!!:rolleyes: :)
  4. Tigerotor77W

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    Dirty Water: don't forget that Deere T-series tractors and Cat's ag tractors are all steered with a steering wheel.

    It's possible that the machine could be useful as a compliment to a MTL. (? Who knows.)
  5. Vermeer

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    However, I wonder how it is to steer a tracked machine with a steering wheel?[/QUOTE]

    The Scout controls/drives easily even when operating. Got a chance to drive it since their booth was right across the way at EXPO
  6. janb

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    there are lots of these in 'gray' market for ~$2000 - $5000

    a friend has a smaller variety and uses it for transporting loads to difficult areas (building walls in tight / steep terrain) and feeding cows in mud and snow

    Most dump 3 ways, are pretty fast and real mules, + very cheap to fuel (saves hrs on your 'depreciable' assets), not sure I'd be buying a new one, unless I was a large operator with a need to burn cash
  7. janb

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    whoops, duplicate ~
  8. dirthog

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    have a small one like that in the rental fleet at the dealer I work for and it's out most of the time guys just love it but they are expensive around $30,000 for the IHI we have
  9. Canon Landscaping

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    I drove one at the expo last weekend very cool machine it has 2 speed and it will fly turns on a dime almost threw the asv rep out they are going to have a bunch of attachments for the front it has a joy stick like the loaders that control all of the attachment functions
  10. ksss

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    The IHI tracked carriers have size to them. Even the smallest is more capable than the ASV at least from a cargo standpoint. I don't know what you would do with it. I think it is too small to work with a loader or mini excavator. With a capacity of 4K thats about a yard and half of pit run type material. That equates to a bucket and a half from a large skid steer to fill to weight capacity. The bed however does not appear big enough to hold even that. It will be interesting to see who they market this to and maybe they will release larger sizes which there is a market for. IHI sells a lot of these machines. Many are used for other purposes besides a dump truck. They mount cranes and other bodies to them, utilizing the chassis to support specialized equipment.

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