ASV MD 70 Good,Bad, or Junk?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by REVPRO, Feb 15, 2005.


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    i am looking at purchasing a used asv to do some land clearing in soft soil. I used a jd 240 skid loader for a weekend but after knick naming it the rut buggy its time i buy one with tracks. I found an asv md 70 a few hours from my home on ebay and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these units(servicability, longevity,power). It has 3600hrs on the 70 hp izuzu dsl. Some of the idler are in need of replacing. just looking for some opinions. i have rented an asv 4810 before and loved it. this is not a machine i would be using everyday just looking to get the job done, and then resell it. thanks jp
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    I think the MD70 is a good overall machine but it may have some smaller issues. The MD70 has done well for several contractors and indeed was the inspiration behind the RTSS undercarriage found on the current series of machines. Construction Equipment Magazine did a hands-on-earthmoving when they compared the 2810/2800 to the MD70, and it seemed the overall opinion of the 70 was that it was pretty well-developed. Cab won't be as nice as on the newer ones, but my just talking won't do anything... get in there and try it out a bit on sites you know you wouldn't want to work with a 240.

    If the undercarriage is showing signs of wear, *do* be careful. That may be a sign of things to come.

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    Well i went to look at the machine today. Overall it was in ok cond. for 3600hrs, a few idlers were missing the rubber completly, and the hydraulics were really lacking in power. i tried to climb a small grade and the machine wanted to stall out. Also the torsion suspension felt like it was shot, kept bouncing around after i would hit a bump. So i think i will keep looking for now. What kind of damage should i be looking for on the undercarage? thanks for the help
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    Just so happens there is a complete parts manual for the MD-70 posted online here :

    in case you want to look at the the parts drawings/numbers for that model

    what RPM where you running when you felt the lack of power ? you should not have any problem climbing grades that are far too scarey to consider.

    replacement items should be limited to idler wheels, sprocket rollers and the tracks themselves.

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    I Had The Unit Idled All The Way Up, I Am Pretty Sure That They Rate The Hp At 3000 Rpm's But This Would Only Go Up To 26-2700 Rpm's, As For The Grade It Was Less Than 10%
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    I have a close friend that almost went broke after he began rebuilding a ASV undercarriage. In terms of cost, this machine is expensive to operate because there are numerous parts that must be changed. Get an estimate for parts before buying the used ASV. We must never loose sight of Operating Costs.

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