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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Terraformer, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. ianh

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    Correction: That's the SR80 we're considering... not the RC80

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    The SR series of machines from ASV are very similar in design to the CAT and the undercarriages are almost identical - Actually I prefer the wider track on the ASV but I went with the CAT, and yes - I was referring to the older design on the ASV 100 that I tried - as being clunky - I kinda like the new ASV's and the instruments on the safety bars are ingenious. If you look closely you will notice that the inside of the cabs are very similar - CAT and ASV did a great job on the redesign of the new C series and the SR's as well. - I really don't like the Perkins engine - but once again - just preference....
  3. Terraformer

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    Construct'O - you are correct in that the ASV SR-80 has 20 inch track as part of their standard package.


    P.S. - again everyone is providing great information.
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  5. Terraformer

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    After the holidays I will go to Vermeer. I work 30 miles south of you, Evansville area, and around lake Koshkonong. I find it interesting that I have not seen a skid/CTL with either a brush cutter or mulching head - even though I go out of my way to see what's on someone's trailer or work site. Maybe I'm not looking in the right areas or missing something. If you have different experiences or wisdom that you're willing to share... I'm all ears!

  6. Construct'O

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    I liked the new tread design on the ASV machines,only thing i think again it was on only the smaller machine like the 50 series.

    Hope some of the other track companys will design different treads.

    I work nearly all dirt ,so would like to see deeper tread for the mud that i have to work in.:usflag:
  7. bobcat_ron

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    Different tread design?

    Is this different from the straight lugs then?
  8. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I would definitely go with the series 2 undercarriage for maintenance reasons. CAT machines are easier to work on than ASV's, but I like the visibility of the ASV.
    All ASV dealers close to me are gone so I will likely be going with a 257B series 2
    next time. Good Luck.
  9. tigerroze

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    I have a sr-70 with 181 hrs, great machine WHEN it's running. In the first year I had to replace all gauges, 2 starters, ignition, several relays, & now the float has quit. If I wouldn't have kept my wheel machine as a back up, I would have been screwed last year. Service guys seem to know NOTHING about these machines & there seems to be no contact between ASV & selling if they were made on a different planet! Such a shame such a fine machine is not being supported by it's maker!
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    man your digging up all the old threads and just pasting the same stuff in there...ASV will change now that Terex owns them

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