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  1. Ausman

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    Man some Cat sales guys can spin lines! If you buy the PT100 ask for the brush kit, it blocks the air intakes near the loader towers from sucking inthe brush. The Pt100 has signifigant changes to theRC100 undercarriage. It also has a new guage cluster and a metal hood. That machine boasts 100 engine HP via a 4.4L engine 144lpm flow 3300 relief valve pressure and 74 Hydraulic horspower. The only thing near it for hyd horspower is the TL150 but it is rigid frame and heavy.

    On theSR70 there are service bullitins out to address all the issues with it that were posted. this will be a good machine once the bugs are ironed out of the new machine, the UC is bulletproof almost.
  2. J. Peterson Grading

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    I own an RC50 and am in the process of buying an SR80.

    I have had constant problems with my RC50. But its mostly just little things like bucket pins breaking, or plugged fuel filters. This winter, the machine has been for the most part broken down. I mean we will plow with it one storm, Break something new then it will be down for 2 storms.

    I do have a dealer (ASV) less than a mile from me, and for the most part they have been good to deal with even though they hardly ever sell an ASV product (Unless its parts to me)

    In my opinion the SR series loaders are built alot better that the RC series. RC series machines just seem cheeply built. And in my RC50 case, they dont seem to hold up. I have had my machine for 3 years now and have roughly 600 hrs on it. So I would expect a better product at 600 Hrs than what My RC50 is. So hopefully the SR Series will be.

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    The build quality of my RC 30 is not up to par with other makes. Some things I can understand, things happen. ( 2 blown hoses first year) Other items are not so easily understood-the quick attach is very bad, I dread taking the bucket off. And some things are just plain piss poor. No replacable hardened bushings in any movement points. Whats up with that? $350 latter the machinist cut off the bucket cylinder eyes, and redid with replacable inserts. Mind you this is just the first of many spots to be re-engineered. Not good.
  4. tigerroze

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    yes, hoping to find other owners with the same problems.....maybe ASV would stand behind this loader. I had these problems during warranty period & still having same problems. The only solution I know of is to sell it. It's the most frustrating piece of equipment I've owned. This loader has only been used with pallet forks & regular bucket on dirt.
  5. J. Peterson Grading

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    from IA
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    Great. So I'm not the only one here with problems.

    But the thing that pizzez me off the most is when my RC50 is running good. Its the best damn machine ever. Then it breaks and its back to cussing it again.

    And the second thing that pizzez me off the most is that its just hard finding a machine that has the same handleing capibilities as my ASV. I have a demo CAT 277B right now. Great machine but its just so damn big and heavy. I was looking at it as a mowing only machine but its Ground clearance and weight might be its downfall. Same with bobcats, no ground clearence.

    Maybe a Takuchi or somthing.

  6. bobcat_ron

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    Well a Cat 277C series is a much better choice than the older B series, and at least the Cat will have better resale and serviceability than the ASV MTL.
  7. hansondirtman

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    almost 2 years now and the sr80 has been perfect. But hey so are most of my machines.
  8. KRtraxx

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    Glad you like your machine.Your dealer must be doing a good job for you..Thats the way it should be.
  9. KRtraxx

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    J. I sell ASVs and several other brands of wheeled and tracked loaders.I'm to far away to help you myself but If you want to P.M. me I can provide with some good information on capabilities of different brands of brush mowing skids and how they compare in real demos...and the good and bad I have observed on different brands in these situations...
  10. Ausman

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    RE Rc50 pin breakages:

    This was an issue in the series 1, when the series 2 with the RC60 loader was released thay all went away. If you want to fic the problem for ever you need get rid of the drilled pins with the grease nipples in them and replace them with solid 4140 pins, i make them up. You then need to drilll and tap the loader arms and fit grease nipples in the centre of the arm then the grease enters there.

    we only run 4 in 1 buckets down here so we been doing that for years.

    Re the RC30 we bore and bush the lower arms in pre delivery, then we cut the ends of the crowd cylinders and fit bushed ends, these are actually the same part at the ram on the 4 in 1. I cant get enough RC30's to sell second hand because when where done they are bullet proof.

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