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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Terraformer, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. tigerroze

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    Does your sr80 have an enclosed cab? My sr70 does not, I think part of my problems comes from this. The fuse/relay box is not not well covered & the ignition is a trap for rain & dirt. The starter problem was from the ignition hanging up (so I was told) The other problems (relays) started after this (except for the fogging gauges which were like that from the start)
  2. hansondirtman

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    Yep I have a cab with heater, I have also heard of the relay updates but I still have the originals and they are fine, so I think I am gonna leave them in.
  3. BIGBEN2004

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    Never mess with some thing that isn't broke can sometimes be the best thing to do.
  4. 4900bruce

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    Hi I am new here but been earthmoving for 24 years.Ausman please take my RC30 off me .It is the most porely thought out and built machine I have ever owned and I have owned every make you can buy in Australia.
    I am trying to trade it in on a new cat 277c but as ASV has such a bad reputation I will be lucky to get 30k aud for it has 900 hrs and only 18 months old .Payed $62 k for it.
    Having read forums here have now come to conclusion that cat tracked loaders are to involved with ASV and may have same faults as ASV.
  5. Ausman

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    4900bruce if you paid $62k for that machine you were screwed, i pay 42k for new ones. Used ones in this market pull about 32k for good post 2005 machines. 4 cat machines sold at ritchies last week for $32k each.
  6. Ausman

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    The SR70 has a bunck of upgrades to be done to it, you need to return it to the dealer andhave the Bosch relays fitted, the key kit fitted to relocate the key to the side.

    The SR70 also has an issue with a welch plug falling out and jamming the starter, i feel this is what happened to yours and the dealer did not tell you. All of the above has happened to one of mine, personally i will never buy another SR until they are 4 to 5 years in the field.
  7. Digdeep

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    Wow $62k! how many attachements did you buy with it..everyone they offer?

    I can't speak for Australia or your experiences but it seems that most of the RC30 owners I have talked to are amazed at what the machine can do for its size. They will admit its shortcomings (lift height, noise, etc.) but it will outperform pretty much every machine in its size.
  8. Ausman

    Ausman LawnSite Senior Member
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    digdeep, the fact that he is now looking at a 277c tells me that he bought to small for the job he wanted to do. The dealer down there is a shark and overcharges for ASV.
  9. Digdeep

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    I would tend to agree that he needed a bigger machine. I saw it all the time when I sold equipment. I would get a customer that did not want to pay more for a machine that would fit his application without a problem. They insist on paying less for a smaller machine, one with not enough hydraulic flow, lift height, etc. and then be upset later on even though you tried to put them in the correct skid.

    I will also say that it is easy to want a "smaller' ASV because they do so much more than people expect them to do.
  10. 4900bruce

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    Ausman yes you are correct I was screwed and continue to be screwed ,2006 RC30 with enclosed cab and crisp air air con and 4in1 bucket $62000.00aud.
    Sorry you are sounding like our robbing dealer when you say we are over working the machine .It can only carry 1 bucket load of soil at a time ,so are these machines not designed to work 8 hr days 5 days a week like all other makes?
    For all considering ASV gear here are some facts .The idler wheel bearings do not have seals so they start falling of at 200 hrs.ASV has put a round metal disc on stub axles which is in contact with inside of wheels .This disc rubs against inside of wheels and wears inside of wheel away including circlip groove ,circlip comes out of now none existent groove .grit destroys dust seal and then bearing.
    front torsion bar suspension collapses at about 400 hrs(not designed to carry wet sticky mud as in earthmoving).weld steel blocks to frame to hold front of machine up off tracks,dont have suspension now.
    if there is a electricail problem machine may stop at any time eg bucket half way up cant lower bucket down so cant open door to get out of machine.
    Supports holding arms to machine ,welds starting to crack.
    starter motor does not engage ,brought new one from dealer $700.00 ,200 hrs later this one is not always engaging and have been told can get same starter motor from cat dealer for $170.00
    I could go on and I am only 1 of 3 RC30 owners that I Know off and they could tell you how drive motor axles break every 700 hrs.
    please Ausman if you love RC30 so much take mine and get me out of my misery.
    As for the dealer I have had to get the dept of fair trading involved to get any warranty work done
    Please any body reading this dont buy these machines ,They will ruin you.

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