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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by lemond, May 19, 2010.

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    I dont see hows there is no money in service. Going rates here range from 60-95 an hour per tech guy.
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    The difference is wages here are so much higher than over there. A fitter here cost 38 to 40 per hr plus superanuation, insurances, then you have fixed overheads like rent, power which is high,vehicle costs and on it goes. Service here is a necessary evil which is funded by capital equipment sales.

    Then you cant keep fitters for the above as the mines pay them 150k per year, so why waste a limited resourse on people who do not support your business.
  3. Ausman

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    Also from what i hear Terex are cutting any dealer in the US who exports machines, this may be why you see dealers dropping off.
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    I guess I don't see it that way. Terex is still one of only two US companies in the top 10 in the world (#7), the other being CAT (#1). CNH dropped from #8to 18th last year, and Fiat announced April 21st that they are spinning them off from their automotive group (more attractive for potential buyers?) Deere dropped from 10th to 14th.

    It was announced that Terex will be releasing a complete range of skid steers near the end of the year. I personally think that Terex is reorganizing their dealer network by getting rid of their weak dealers.

    Look at the concentration of equipment they will have once the skids come out- SSL/CTL/mini-ex/telehandlers/backhoes/compact wheel loaders/rollers/light towers/those site dumper things. That line-up rivals anyone elses compact line-up. If they can build the brand and the dealer network they will be in good shape. Just my opinion.

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    Just wanted to say that I do appreciate the value offered by and risks faced by dealers. For new gear with warranty & a hard life- I would not go anywhere else but for used which is going to have an easy life for the rest of its time it is the way to go. I maintain most of my own equipment including toro 580d with cab & a/c, 455d groundsmasters, cat 416c backhoe, takehuci excavator, all terrain forklift and various farm tractors, trucks and equipment, then I have a qualified local Cat technician to help with those jobs that are beyond me.

    Wear parts, maintenance, consumables & licensing/inspections is typically 1-2 times the initial purchase cost of any working machine through its useful life, parts suppliers are very aware of this and will happily work with those who pay on time everytime. In my experience they have more issues with people who they have to chase for payment every time rather than with those who bought their machine from someone else. Cutting these owners off would be not supporting the industry & its low volumes rather than the other way around.
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    ASV RC100 Posi Track skid steer Auction

    Ends Thursday, May 27, 2010 10 a.m. CDT

    * 757 hours on meter
    * Perkins 1104C-44T 99.5hp turbocharged diesel engine
    * Forestry package
    * 18" rubber track
    * Manual quick attach
    * High and low flow hydraulics
    o Low Flow 20 GPM
    o High flow 38 GPM
    * Enclosed cab with AC and heat
    * 10,150 lbs. base operating weight
    * Serial RSD03269

    See the detailed specifications for more information
    Shipping quotes available
    Ridge Runner Trucking and Logging
    672 County Road 405
    Granby, CO 80446 41 63162 18,500.00 19,000.00


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