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Asv Rc-30

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BMFD92, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. BMFD92

    BMFD92 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 694

    I have been really doing a lot of landscaping/hardscaping lately and have focused more on that then the lawn maintenance which still keeps me busy. I have been renting skid steers, loader backhoes, toro dingos and so on. I have mainly rented cat skid steers but I used a terramite t7 and really liked it but felt that for the money, a skid steer was a better pick. I also thought of purchasing a toro dingo but i thought those machines are to overpriced. I recently did a landscape renovation and flagstone walkway install and I rented the ASV RC-30 and really liked it. The machine had plenty of power and i used many attachments that really reduced the need for labor and I made a lot of profit from that machine. I felt that of all the machines I rented and used this machine was right for me. I really feel that my business is headed to more landscaping/ hardscaping then maintenance because i have made more money this year so far in the landscaping then what i project to make in maintenance at the end of the year. I really liked the Terramite backhoe to and would love to run a dedicated landscape/hardscape crew with the Terramite and ASV but i think i would want to start with the ASV RC-30. I know its a long post but this decision is important to me and my dealer can get me a good deal on a new one for a little over 20,000. I have heard this to be a very good deal. I would greatly appreciate any comments on this machine or something that you feel would be better for my business. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    heres the link to the machine http://www.asvi.com/rc30_main.cfm
  2. Gilla Gorilla

    Gilla Gorilla LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 923

    I really dont have any experience with the tracked ASV's but I do like the looks of them and it would really be nice at times to be sitting down rather then standing on a platform behind my Dingo.

    I dont know what price you were quoted on the Dingo but I got mine with the 48" light materials bucket for $15,100 and the salesman started out quoting me 18K and change. So what every you buy make sure that you tell your salesman that you are going to demo a competitor similar model if you have not already and then it seems their price will drop a couple of grand to keep you on the phone or in the store.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes. What ever you get post some pics in action please.
  3. YardPro

    YardPro LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,570

    we looked at them last year and compared them to the dingo tx425, the ditch witch sk500, and the boxer.

    we found that the mini skids were a better value for the money.
    the sk and boxer are as fast, have as high of a lift, can lift the same weight, have the same or more hydro flow.

    they are alos less money, easier to transport, and if you are working by yourself they are easy to step on and off the platform instead of crawling in and out of the cab.

    don't compare these three tracked units to the regular wheeled dingo's.... they are several steps above the wheeled units.
  4. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
    Messages: 5,407

    I sold my ASV RC-30. I really want a bobcat T180 and a boxer/dingo one day. I would go with a mini skid if you don't have to move alot of pallets or alot of dirt. Attachments are easier to find for both bobcats and mini skids. An Rc-30 for me was a machine that could not figure out exactly what it was. It is more comfortable than a mini skid, but I think the mini skid is more practical.
  5. BMFD92

    BMFD92 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 694

    The main reason why I feel like getting the ASV is because my dealer told me the dingo are around 25,000 and i thought that was way to much so i went up county to this asv dealer and he gave me a quote for around 20,000. I am looking for other dealers in my area with the dingo and i have some a retaining wall and another flagstone walkway install with new landscape so i think I will set some demos up for those two jobs. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. BMFD92

    BMFD92 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 694

  7. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
    Messages: 5,407

    The 27hp diesel boxer is right at 20k and has the same capacities as the asv. You can google boxer and find some info.

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