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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cddva, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. cddva

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    I was asked if I would consider digging a hole for burial of a barn teardown. He said he would tear it down and burn it first and then bury whats left. I haven't looked at the job/site yet, but was told the hole would be dug in pasture and the barn is not that big. He did mention it has a tin roof that he wants buried as part of the deal. He thought it might take about a 4 foot deep hole not really sure of the other dimensions at this point. I haven't done any real digging with the RC-50 so my question is does this sound like a job thats within the capabilities of the machine? I have a 4n1 bucket with a toothbar and also a straight arm backhoe attachment w/ 12" bucket from SS Solutions (I know you guys don't think much of that type of "backhoe"). Your advice/insight would be appreciated. I need to look at the job but it would be good to have your input in advance. A rough estimate of how long it may take to dig a 6' wide x 20' long (with slope assuming I'm driving the machine in w/ the 4n1) x 4' deep hole in clay soil (assuming no buried "show stoppers") would also be appreciated.
  2. TriCountyLawn

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    Well depending on how big the hole is it might be easier to make a hole big enough to run the machine down into rather then messing with a excavator attachment. The machine can do it but a large mini excavator with a thumb working along side would make quick work of the job.
  3. Gilla Gorilla

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    I would wait for Dirtdigger to respond to this thread. If i'm not mistaken he also has a RC50 or 60 and should be able to let you know some more info.
  4. AWJ Services

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    If the ground is not concrete hard it will not be a problem.
    It will however take time.
    I would guess 4 to 6 hours too dig it.
    Be carful however when it comes time too push the burnt debris into the hole.
    A cut track will sure hurt the profit margin.
  5. Squizzy246B

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    I have dug holes of 6' and more to mine some clean sand. Takes about an hour in my 246. Having done some time in the RC 50 it will have no problem unless there is rock or heavy which case a mini-ex will have problems anyway. I'd go for it on the rock/clay proviso...should not take more than 2 hours to dig out in the 50.
  6. Tigerotor77W

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    I dug an approximately 90 inch wide, 10-15 foot long, 3 feet deep hole with a 287B today in about 50 minutes. If the RC-50 is half as productive as the 287B (probably undercutting its productivity), then in about three to four hours you should be able to dig a trench of your description. (I was digging in North Carolina, so it was hard clay as well.)
  7. Digdeep

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    It shouldn't take you more than 2 hours depending on the soil conditions. My suggestion would be to push the burned material from the side to prevent driving over any jagged metal along with reducing the amount of debris you get into the undercarriage. You'll be extremely happy with the performance. I still can't get over how well my RC50 pushes and digs.
  8. AWJ Services

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    from Ga
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    Make sure the hole is big enough the first time.
  9. cddva

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    I appreciate all your responses. He's talking 2 or 3 weeks to be ready to do this job. After the good feedback here I'll be looking forward to putting the RC-50 to work on a digging job.:)
  10. Bob Horrell

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    2 hours is about right. Be sure you have a tooth bucket for the clay. I recently rented an ASV 50 for an excavation. I had to go inside of a 62 inch gate and I thought I would try the ASV. Your hole is about 17 yards of dirt. The one I did was about 6 times that size and I did it in a day. I was surprised how well the 50 did. The ground wasn't clay but it was compacted soil to 96%+.

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