ASV RC 50 vs RC 60 vs Cat 247 vs Cat 257

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by treadlite, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. treadlite

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    I'm looking to add to the fleet and am going to have to choose between the above listed machines. I already have an RC 30 so I know all about the undercarriage "issues" and don't want to re-start that old debate.... what I need to know from owners of the above machines is how they compare to each other in the real world. I've researched the specs of the machines and want feedback from owners and operators.
    For instance the RC 50 and 60 are quite similar but the 50 has less horsepower, so is it underpowered, or is the 60 being heavier too heavy and underpowered?? The Cat machines are again very similar, so the same questions will exist. How is servicability between the machines. My gut feeling is that the Cat machines are a little better engineered as far as access to components for repair is concerned, but I think that the ASV machines are better suited to the undercarriage as far as balance etc are concerned....mechanically all the machines share many components and I'd like to hear what is the best combination of those components gathered into the best machine... thanks and I look forward to the replies....:canadaflag:
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    I haven't been impressed with the 257's at all. The 257BII's have a little more juice than the 257/257B's, but not enough, IMO. I spent quite a bit of time in a 257BII and wasn't blown away by any means. I think the power to weight ratio is much more in favor of the 247BII, but I haven't personally run one.
  3. stuvecorp

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    What about something like the TAK 120? It may not have a 'cushy' ride but power and durability is way better than ASV and would probably be way cheaper than CAT. Just another idea.
  4. SellingIron

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    From what I here out in the market is that the ASV's are throw away machines. They don't hold there value and they fall apart. TL120 is one to look at as long as there is a supporting dealer around. Take's dealers are known for coming and going. Cat has had issues with blowing engines with the older 247/257 units. I know a local rental store that went through 4 engines in his 257. They had issues with there oil pick tube. The bobcat T180 is one to look at. There units out spec others on paper most of the time.

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    I didn't want to consider a 257B2 mainly due to the added weight of the machine, even he specs show a slower travel speed. ASV's may have a better weight distribution (50/50) but I think you might find that they are tippy when you are carrying some decent weight.
  6. treadlite

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    I took some advise and had a look at the tak/gehl/mustang stuff.... does anyone know what a gehl CTL 60 would weigh?? thanks
  7. SellingIron

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    Here is a Spec Chart that should help you out. The Gehl & Mustang brand should sell for more money compared to the Takeuchi. Hope this helps..

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  8. J. Peterson Grading

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    50s and 60s are not tippy.

  9. Digdeep

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    As a former Bobcat salesman and current ASV owner (RC50) I wouldn't say that they're "throw away machines". I will be replacing my tracks right after deer season before the start of snow removal and they have just over 2000hrs on them. The machine has surpassed all of my expectations regarding performance and durability. I think that Takeuchi makes a good machine but I have demoed the TL120 and I found it very slow, pitchy (very short track base), and xtremely heavy in the rear on hilly terrain. IMO the RC50 runs circles around it in a landscaping environment due to better speed, balance, traction, and being more sensitive on grass and finished surfaces.

    I do agree that dealer support is important regardless of which brand you buy. The best thing would be to demo them all and make your decision then. Good luck.
  10. SellingIron

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    Are the spec charts helping anyone out!!!!

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