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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Mar 1, 2007.

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    I went to the Maxcon show in Boston last night and saw some very interesting equipment. The Komatsu skid looks very impressive in the flesh. Not many in the field but they are pushing. But I talked to one of the local ASV dealers about a 80. Very knowledgable guy. Totally understood the service aspect of the digging business. I am seriously considering demoing one this spring. They were very receptive to me taking one for a few days. And after looking at the machine the undercarriage is very differnt than what my 257 had. Very easy to clean and very rugged. He said that he works with one large rental yard that has many CAT CTL's. The only ones they have problems with is the the 257 undercarriage, tracks. I was told earlier that the undercarriage for the 257 was sized for a smaller chassis. Now before someone starts ripping the guy they are the biggest Kubota dealer in the N.E. and has been selling ASV for about 6 years. So the days Bobcat's role in my fleet may be numbered

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    I saw the Kamatsu out on a demo the other day. It basicly has the same undercarraige as the Deere with a added clean out bar. If you like Joy sticks it may be an alternative to the Cat unit. Undercarraige is very durable. They also have cushioned boom cylinders. Kamatsu has a good track record with their other equipment.
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    I sat in the cab of an SR80 a couple weeks ago at an Ag show. The cab was nice. They had an RC60 next to it. The cab layout of the 80 is much more comfortable.

    I demoed a Komatsu 1020. I liked some of its features and others were really not good. The have pilots with the ability to switch patterns. This makes all the flows to the machine equal (ie the drive motors, boom up an down, bucket tilt). They don't perform very well that way which is why no one else will put a pattern changer on a hyd. pilot controled machine. I liked the feel of the controls. I thought the resistants in the controls was perfect. The split lap bar is nice with the gauges on it like what ASV did. You really need to demo a Komatsu to experience its limitations, but they did some thing really right on it. Too bad the performance side of it is rather poor.
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    I run a Komatsu SK815 turbo machine and love it.

    Mine whilst having pilot controls runs a Bobcat pattern, i.e levers and pedals and no patern changer. I find the machine fantasic, plent of feel through the pilots, very good vision and service access, good long wheelbase with it's associated stability.

    It would be nice to have a little extra power but isn't that always the case.

    I do most of my work with a harely rake so have not encountered the multi tasking issues which Ksss has previously mentioned.

    The only problem I have is that I would like an air con cab which means changing machines and I have not found anything yet which I like as much. I would consider Toyota becuase of the proven reliability but they run too short a wheel base for rake work and after having pilot's I would not go back.
    I have heard that Case has a bad reputation over here for hyd pump and motor failures.
    and visability is not as good in the Cat's in my opinion.
    The new NH 175 with Pilots could be an option but not sure of the durability of vertical lift arrangements with pushing work i.e rake.

    Hopefully Komatsu wil bring out an air cab option before to long



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