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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by noahb195, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Good on you! I did 8 years in the USMC 0311-0321. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Its an asskicking lifestyle, embrace it and it will treat you well!
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    Dahh. It's a truck! Had to take the fuel water separator apart Saturday cause it went in to this like limp mode after it told me to drain it. I couldn't get anything to come out so I had to take it all apart..

    We'll have to try and do some hunting one weekend!
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    Best decision I ever made was enlisting in the Army. I served 8yrs. Two combat tours in Iraq. The military truly helped me become the person i am today.
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    Ya, while you're in high school LIVE IN THE PRESENT, I know you need to plan for the future, but you still have a whole other year... From the time I was 8 years old all I ever wanted to do is be a pilot in the AF. I had talked to recruiters, took the tests, everything.... then my senior year I got my back messed up pretty good and the AF said "thanks, but no thanks". This was in '98. I don't know if they have eased their entry standards any or not, but that absolutely killed me for a long time. You don't know what tomorrow holds, so enjoy today.

    Once you get into the "real world" you definitely need to have long term goals and a mindset. I still wonder what it could have been for me, but I'm thankful that now 15 years past high school I've got a great business, a great wife, two great boys.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you have a great career, but like I said, enjoy the present. High school seems sooooo trivial now. I think there's maybe 3 people I graduated with that I still have "regular" interaction with. Some of my better (for lack of judgement) memories are from college. Truly good times... Then the bills start coming in! haha
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    While I never had the privilege of serving in the military, I have spent some time in law enforcement and now am a detection K9 handler working in schools and such. Working with a dog can be very rewarding if you have the patience. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Have talked with a few military dog trainers, could be pretty fun and give you a great head start for when you get out.
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    Thanks man, I'm really looking forward to it the more I think about it. My plan is to go 03 field and hope to get the LAV crewman slot. Thank you for your service!:usflag:

    Ah man that blows at least you got er worked out. But yes! We need to go. I'm so ashamed of myself I've only been hunting 3 times thus far this season but have seen deer everytime. I'll PM you my number.

    I agree with you 100% Jacob. Thanks for all that you did over there!:usflag::usflag:

    I understand where you are coming from and I really appreciate your input on the subject. Its just my personality I like to have a plan and know where I'm going with my life. But it sounds like you made the best of what happened with your back.

    Thats really cool man. I had the opportunity to talk with a K-9 officer and they do some really cool things. I wouldn't mind becoming one after the military. All the K-9 units here drive sweet lowered blacked out Tahoes.
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    dude unles you have some gay job that never gets deployed like admin or some crap ypu wont have time for school in the corps. true im in a high speed mos but sill you wont have time
  8. noahb195

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    I've heard this before, there is no way im gonna do admin. If I don't have time so be it. I have plenty of time afterwards. What is your MOS if you dont mind me asking?
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    Agreed. Unless you do an ROTC program or the like, your schooling will take a backseat to everything else. I can assure you, there will be people in your enlisted command who will make sure you, the threatening enlisted man, does not excel over them. They will do what they can to keep you from getting to class. Get your education beforehand, enroll in ROTC, or forget school.
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    Im in recon now and dont go infantry! get an mos that will help you when you get out, also 8 years in the marines good luck after my 5 im out dude theres no wars going on its going to be gay as ****! also if your serious about the marines do pullups, be able to do 20 pullups, 20 min or less 3 mile and 100 crunches in less than 2 mins if you want anymore info hit me up im active duty now so i got a good grasp on whats to be expected.

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