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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    I currently have a pest company treating my home. We are seeing a few roaches and spiders every so often inside. While I could call them to come treat for free that would also mean me or my wife would have to take off work to be here.

    I am licensed and already have the stuff. Can't I just mix up some bifen(maybe 1-2 oz per gallon) and spray the base boards? If anyone has any tricks or app ideas that would work let's hear them.

    Hope things are well.
  2. coxslawncare

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    read the label, if its not labeled for indoor use I would be sketchy about using it around my family
  3. Ric

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    Being a base Board Jockey only cures certain bugs but also chases other behind walls. IMHO you should use baits if you don't have a bad infestation. Ace Hardware still sells Harris Roach Tablets which are great for Roaches. This is Old school pest control that not only works but is safe. The AI is Boric Acid.

    Terro Liquid Baits are actually too strong. Cut it with 2 to 3 parts water and it works a lot better. Once again boric acid is the safe and effective AI. Save the Bifenthrin for outside as a barrier treatment. Bifenthrin is a Repellent that will both keep bugs out and Lock them inside the house. The baits inside get the inside bugs and the Barrier treatment keeps them out.

    ONE WORD OF CAUTION. While baits work great, they take 4 to 6 weeks to go through the food chain and control almost every type of bug. The Homeowner sprays only chase bugs behind walls.

    SPIDERS are considered the Good guys because they kill other insects. Two are two main types of spiders. Web builders and Hunting spiders that don't make webs. Some spiders will make webs each night and take them down each morning. Spiders can be very interesting creatures. But to control most spiders, DUST is the best product. Deltamethrin or Boric Acid will work. But the trick is to use very little or just a DUSTING. You may apply it directly to Webs or around baseboards or even directly on your rug. In fact sprinkling it on rugs and vacuuming up the excess is the best way.

    Once you establish a clean inside these baits are only Back up for the barrier treatment that keeps bugs out. I have customers that I have never been inside their house to Treat in over ten years.
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    New to home pest control. That is a great post Ric. Very informative.
  5. boisephc

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    bifenthrin (talstar) is labeled for indoor use. i actually wipe (permethrin) using a paper towel around baseboards and places i would see ant traffic in my home. Works great!
  6. Ric

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    You didn't read or understand my posts. Putting Talstar on Base Boards or Insects trails will actually chase Insects behind walls where the colony grows larger. There are approx 40 different common Ants species that invade home in the USA. Some of these are in fact Multi Queen colonies that will break apart as a survival move if they see a large number of workers Dieing. Then instead of have one colony with 5 Queens, You have 5 colonies with one Queen that is producing more Queens and workers. This is called "BUDDING"

    The slower the Posison the better it gets in the food chain to do a complete control.
  7. boisephc

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    the original poster stated that he has a regular spray company performing applications at his home. he was asking what to use as a spot spray in between regular visits. I highly doubt I helped the ants in my situation, as I haven't seen a single one in months now. i doubt he will in his home either. Ric, it is early in the morning here - but i did understand your posts. thanks for the info.
  8. Ric

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    A roll of Paper towels is a lot cheaper than the Stainless Steel one gallon Professional B&G sprayers I have been buying for well over $ 200.00 each.

    Thanks for the Professional education on how to apply Insecticide inside a structure with a paper towel. You must be PhD Entomologist.
  9. boisephc

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    Ric, thanks for the warming welcome to the forum.
    When reading the original posters question I took into consideration he was a professional performing the occasional spot spray at his residence. I wasn't in anyway recommending tools for applications made at his customers properties. however, i am impressed with your stainless steel back pack sprayer and intellectual contributions made throughout the lawnsite forums. many thanks.
  10. bx24

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    talstar is okay but there are better products. I would spray outside all I can rather then inside.

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