At it three seasons now and still flying solo

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    Hello fellow lawn Gals and Guys!!

    Long time reader first post. Going into my forth season of lawn maintenance and still flying solo. This is hard work and I never really thought so when I just cut my own lawn weekly. Started out with a used Exmark Metro 36'' WB and used Echo/Stihl sticks and a brand new Shindaiwa 8520 backpack (regret the later purchase) To heavy and to often valve adjustment to keep it starting easy. I finally saved enough $$ to upgrade to a newer and better mower that I picked up last week. It's a 2013 Walker MTGHS with a 23 HP and a 48'' deck. I have not used it on my accounts yet as grass here in north Fl is still somewhat dormant and with the chance of snap freezes I've been holding off. From my research on this mower, I'm thinking I made a sound purchase. Any Walkers users on here that can offer tips on using this mower?:usflag:

    Thank you
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    Hey there Bill, I am a new owner myself.... long time in the business however and throughout my whole career, Walker has easily been my favorite machine to work with and own... I see that you went with the carb version which is a great choice. The 23 has more than enough power to do everything you need including run larger decks. If you have any acreage or large areas to mow, look into the bigger 62 and 74 side discharge/mulching decks.... The 23 is also a great choice because of the fact that you are not beholden to any dealer if you don't want to be or after your warranty runs out... The EFI units require codes and diagnostics to work on essentialy chaining it to the dealer... I actually run the MD for this same reason... You absolutely CAN mow wet as long as you don't mind tilting the deck up and cleaning it off as well as the shoot and the blower every so often.(hey, easier than lifting a mid-mount right?) Also, DO NOT believe what you read on here..... Walkers Climb Amazingly!!!! Everyone says they don't but I happen to know for a fact that they are great on hills, straight up and down or horizontal.... doesn't matter. As long as your hopper is not jammed full and you are not full of gas, she'll climb all day long... I can say this with certainty in relation to you because I ran your same machine for 2 years logging over 1500 hrs on the 23. I know with me being in the northeast and you being in the southeast, there are some regional landscaping differences but the Walker prevails in every region of the country... Welcome to L.S and congrats on your purchase..
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    Welcome, great username

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