at least leaf season didn't dry up

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Oct 13, 2007.

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    Now is the time I start adding more to the bill for mulching leaves on the lawn in a normal year. This year the lawns are dormant but people are glad to see me and pay to have their lawn cut just to mulch up the leaves. I'm not charging more than the normal cut price just yet because the lawn doesn't need cutting , just the leaf mulching. My plan is to show up weekly and mulch the leaves where in the past I might have been 10 day to 2 weeks and then a final cleanup. The lawns don't realy need edging or much trimming due to lack of growth so its just a ride around with the mulch plate closed and blow off. My normal price + $10 for leaf mulching and cutting will go up to a +20 and all other final services will go up to close out the season. I have gotten an increased demand from non-regular customers for leaf services this year and I suspect the drought has put some lawn guys out of business. 08' will be a rebound year and I plan on capturing new customers THIS fall who's lawn guy disappeared. They will all come in at higher prices than my existing customers. That will give me leverage to increase fall 07 prices as well as 08 prices. Whats your plan??
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    That's your plan, not mine.
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    glad to help out. at least I know what your NOT doing this fall. I feel better!!!????????

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