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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassyfras, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. grassyfras

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    If you were involved in the At&t program please post here and let everyone know how it went. I had a terrible experience and was lied to by sales rep about calls I would not be charged for. I think if we get enough people together we can do something about this.
  2. cpel2004

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    I have had a terrible time with the service or lack there of, I have recieved from At&t. They are absoultely terrible. On several occasions I have felt like the little old lady that went to the cable company with her hammer. I signed up in March and i have had several billing issues and like you I have been lied to, and hung up on. For a company that is so large I wonder where are the internal controls. I hate At&t!:confused:
  3. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Here is a copy of my other post:

    I have been in a pissing match with AT&T all year about Pay-Per-Call. The sales guy assured me I would not get stuck paying for people looking for work, calling from outside my service area, wrong numbers, or sales calls. Just call the Pay-Per-Call people and they will take care of you I was told.

    The Pay-Per-Call office is understaffed with a handful greedy commission paid a-holes from what I've found. Usually, you end up on eternal hold. I've also found bills for after hours calls that I didn't even answer, double bills for follow up calls from the same number, and calls listed as unavailable on the att bill that actually showed up with a number on my phone. When the att bill shows unavailable and your bill shows otherwise it makes tracking call more difficult.

    I've dealt with over a half dozen att people trying to remove the invalid calls. I spent time filling out call spread sheets for att people only to never hear from them again.

    Is this what you've dealt with as well? I'm going to make a posting on the other forum that gets viewed more and see if anyone else has gone through this att crap.

    I talked to my old retired att sales rep and he told me I should file a presidential complaint with att. These complaints he said go to the top of the food chain instead of to the bottom.
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  4. cpel2004

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    A bunch of scammers...trying to pad their own pockets.
  5. CLS LLC

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    I had similar experiences as you all have. Luckily I was only charged $11 per call. One big issue I had with them is they would list the pay phone number on the websites. And they would do it on sites that I was already listed and so far I haven't been successful in getting it removed. Worse yet is that they would list my business with the pay number on google maps, and they did it in area's I didn't even service. I've spent a few hundred with them in the past year and not one call from them turned into a job.

    Now when you answer the phone it quickly says "pay per call phone call" and I just hang up on them really quick.

    Luckily my contract with them will finally be up this month and I won't have to deal with them at all. I could not be more dissatisfied.
  6. memphis.landscape

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    Aweful experience for me as well. Got charged over $3000 for people looking for jobs. And on top of that they had my number mixed with a builder so I got charged for people looking for home repairs. They have now sent me to collections because I refuse to pay it.
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  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Go to and you can post your info like other people have done. You have to provide a little info but it's free. I'd like to see as many people posting problems as possible.
  8. topsites

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    This mess has been going on for years but Cable isn't much better.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when a company grows TOO big.
    I could name one after the other.

    Citibank's another, the only difference is Citibank doesn't hold the monopoly.
    Don't tell them thou.
  9. smallbizrunner

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    Plantscape Solutions, your situation sounds exactly like mine. I should throw out a disclaimer that we are a chiropractic office, not a landscape firm, but I stumbled across this thread in a Google search and wanted to answer grassyfras' call to action and post my story.

    Started this nightmare off with a call from AT&T offices in Ohio (I'm in MI). One of those "I'll be in your area on such and such a date, can we meet?" When we met with her, we listened to her pitch. It sounded good. Essentially we wouldn't be paying for any calls that didn't generate new patients--basically we had nothing to lose by signing up, she assured us. We then remembered an old friend of ours here in town works in AT&T advertising. We didn't want to take food off his table, so I gave her his card and she said she'd check with the local office's supervisor to see if she was allowed to take the account or not. She came back and assured us it was okay, so we signed up with the assurance that, like Plantscape Solutions, we would not be stuck paying for wrong numbers, telemarketers, people looking for jobs, robocalls, calls after hours, etc.

    Immediately we started getting these calls and the reports started flowing into my email. We got less than a half dozen legitimate calls (and I'm stretching here) and only one client out of them all. I was successful in disputing a few of them at first, but then I just couldn't afford to sit on hold forever and wait for someone in customer service to get to my call. I'm the office manager, front desk person, assistant to my husband...I do everything in this office. I can't afford to sit on hold for 20 minutes (at least) every time I call.

    The few times I could actually dedicate to calling, I got nowhere. The service reps would give me the third degree as to why I hadn't called earlier. Only one woman was very understanding and told me she'd investigate and call me back within a week. I never heard from her. At this point the assigned number had been cut off so I didn't have to worry about the actual calls anymore. Then the billing calls started. I kept trying to tell them how I had tried to dispute calls, but again, got nowhere with them. Of course, due to complaints similar to mine, they had implemented new ways to lessen the amount of illegitimate (not the right word but I'm at a loss) calls but they couldn't/wouldn't do anything retroactively.

    I'm now in collections for $1448.00. Oh, and the sales rep? We heard a month later from our friend that she had, in fact, stolen the account from him and he had to go to the union about it.
  10. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I'm glad to see more and more people posting info. I would do a cut and past and stick your info on the AT&T thought they were doing me a huge favor by asking me to pay for only half of the $3000 in bogus calls I received. The next time AT&T calls I'm going to dare then to let the BBB settle my dispute with them.

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