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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DitchDr, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. DitchDr

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    Yesterday I the 7th fuel cap this week on a piece of Stihl power equipment refused to go back on. I called the dealer and was told " we dont have problems when them where they leave the store. Only ones who do seem to be heavy handed users who cant put on a gas cap". I told them thanks and hung up. So it looks like i will be using wither ECHO or Redmax for now on. I dont get how a place that you have bought over 20K in equipment from in the last 12 months can even think of treating someone like this.
  2. gene gls

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    Plastic caps are fickel, some screw on fine others cross very easy, even on my Echo. There is a trick to it. Hold your finger straight down on the cap and turn it backwards until you feel-see it set down on the starting thread. Once the caps are forced on the tank wrong, you will need to replace the tank or it will be a problem getting it on every time.
  3. bc3xx0

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    So since you bought 20k worth of equipment, they should bow down to your every need and never charge you for anything? If you used the same tone in which this post can be taken, I'd have said the same thing to ya!!

    My stihl caps work fine, but I take an extra two seconds to put them on.
  4. Runner

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    He's talking about the new type, that don't have threads...they have more of a plug alignment thing going. Part of the cap twists from further down the shaft. All the ear tabs have to be aligned for the cap to go all the way on. there is sort of a trick to this. You get used to it after a bit once you get the trick down pat, and it actually works quite well. You have to put the cap in part way, then turn it counterclockwise, then put it the rest of the way in, and turn it again (actually just further). This aligns the tabs so they all go down into the slots, and when you tighten it, it seals up. It goes quite fast once you're used to it.
  5. gene gls

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    I guess I'm behind the times, haven't seen these yet.
  6. cut level

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    Yeah there were a couple threads last week about these new Stihl caps. I have one on my stick edger. Not my favorite cap. I have huge hands and get it on fine. Its like a "line up and 1/4 turn lock" I have had one instance where it was contrary to get on and it was one afternoon last week after reading one of those threads!!!LOL
  7. Lawn Enforcer

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    I've purchased 2 Stihl products with the new style cap on them, and I love em! Just line up the tabs and a quick twist and they are sealed. Plus they are on a little string so you can't lose them.
  8. CutterCutter

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    The bad attitude is with the dealer in this situation. The dealer is getting a lot of calls about the caps being hard to use and he just happened to react when talking to the original poster.

    Yes, if I spend a bunch of money with a dealer I expect them to take care of me. The right thing to say would have been, "Sorry you're having trouble. Can you bring it by so we can see what the problem is?"

    Lets be honest. Some dealers aren't friendly even when you're buying equipment. But the ones that are glad to take your money and then don't want to help you later are more common. Customer relations are number one but a lot of business owners and employees are clueless.
  9. Roger

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    Ditto to what he said...
  10. Maxify55

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    I, too, was a member of the I Hate Stihl Gas Caps Club. Bought used ones on eBay to replace ones that I'd pried off the tank with a pocket knife. Yep, I've had my share of words with Stihl that can't be repeated to the Preacher.
    Until, like the other guys have mentioned, I noticed the two little tabs on the threaded side of the cap.
    Line up the two tabs with tht two slots inside the tank and no more problems.

    I somehow miss the burning sensation of raw gasoline dripping down the back of my leg or the burnt grass in my customer's yard. We're not even going to mention the cost of the fuel to it's damage to the environment.

    Just what were you guys at Stihl thinking when you came up with this idea and do you realize the loss of sales due to re-engineering something as simple as a gas cap?
    I mean, really, Stihl. Not all of us grasp things the first time or even the 5th time around. Just make it an option, if you feel you must redesign something.
    I still love my FS110 but, sheez, all that frustration over a gas cap?
    Was it worth it?
    Are customers flocking to Stihl for your gas caps?
    My guess is that you lost far more than you could've ever gained.
    There, my 2 cents are in the pot.

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