At what amount can I afford salary workers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Jul 7, 2004.

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    I would rather pay a salary to my top guy instead of him jumping ship. I am wondering at what level, if there is any, do you, can you and should you pay salary?
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    When you sit down, do all the numbers, and realize if you can pay a guy even if you don't have any work. THAT my friend, is a number YOU have to tell yourself. You're not going to be able to tell someone that you're going to salary him, then 4 weeks - months later, say .... "Um, I don't have enough money to pay you anymore, or work, so how about you going back to hourly pay?"
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    I had just posted on a completely unrelated thread that merged into thoughts on salery. So rather then rewriting everything I said I think I'll just repost it here.

    It doesn't realy cover what level you need to be to go salary but I think it states some good reasons to do it and I feel we came up with a pretty good system. So anyways this is what I had posted.

    Actually we started one of our guys on salary this season. Well it didn’t start out that way but after much complaining from both sides we settled on a fair salary for him. We gave him raise of course and we do not pay him over 40 hours he gets the same every week 575 per week. And he works 50-70 hour weeks some times so why would he be so happy about that. Because we pay him that 52 weeks a year not just the busy season. So in the winter where he has roughly 10-12 weeks off he’s still got a decent paycheck each and every week. He makes 30 k a year, which is no more or less then he could of expected to make on hourly pay with the constant ups and downs with his hours. So I am not cheating him what I got out of this is a fixed expense instead of a guy hitting 1000-1200 dollars some weeks. And what he got out of this is something to put on a new car loan so he looks stable instead of being viewed as seasonal.

    The reasons behind putting him salary were many but one of the primary ones was we start at 8 am sometimes we do not finish the day till 9-10 pm. in other words the guy was hitting 40 hours in as little as 3 days I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be paying OT for 3-4 solid days of work per week. Since we did this he’s happy as can be in fact he’s almost normal which is a big improvement for my partners little brother. As for workers they do still get hourly and OT but I work them for 3-4 days a week then their off and the next group works. In that way I am keeping some control on the OT hours which where getting way out of hand in early May. But I am thinking foremen and lead guys in the future will all get the same sort of salary arrangement I just got be sure to bank enough in the fall to cover the winter. But I don't see that as to much of a problem and best of all since they are paid all year they cannot collect unemployment.

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