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Uncle Josh

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Athens, Georgia
Hey guys, I'm Josh and I'm brand new to this forum. I'm 25 years old and I started my own landscaping business in the Athens, Georgia area last spring and God has blessed me more than I expected. I am a very small business right now but with large dreams, desires, and goals (written). :weightlifter: I know this forum will be a huge asset to myself and hope that I may be able to contribute to the others who are willing to offer advice to me in any way I can.

I started out last spring paying cash (as I will continue to do as my business grows) for some very minimal equipment such as: Huskee (Tractor Supply) 22" homeowner grade push mower (not self-propelled), Stihl KM90R Kombi tool with edger and trimmer attachments, Stihl BR 550 backpack blower, Stihl MS 170 chain saw, and funniest of all, a total piece, Black & Decker electric homeowner hedge trimmer with like a 16" blade or somthing, ROFL! :laugh: Also had some other smaller tools and stuff. Well, as I was growing I bought a nicer, larger, gas powered Echo hedge trimmer. Then, it all got stolen out of my front yard. MMM HHHMMM. Everything but my mower and some of my smaller tools. Long story short, my good ol' dad replaced nearly everything with even better equipment until the insurance co. pays him back since it was in his yard when it was stolen. More recently got a Husqvarna 7021P 21inch cut with bagger and all the goodies. So anyway, I have some pretty good equipment but was needing a zero turn mower for a while. God stepped in . . . again . . . and allowed me to trade an engagement ring I needed to badly get rid of (since I have sworn off all women who don't deserve me) for a Scag tiger cub. I love it. Beats the heck out of pushing yards. Also got a 5x10 trailer out of the deal. And 300 bucks cash. Thanks again, God :clapping:

So, Thats the equipment part. As far as the customer base goes, I'm right around ten to thirteen honest paying customers who are routine and consistent. Many others who use me for odd jobs here and there. My goals for the next year are much higher.

Right now I am currently doing work out of Clarke, Oconee, and Madison Counties but wouldn't mind looking outside these areas if opportunities come along. I am excited to see what the future holds for my business and pride myself in offering and living up to a 100% satisfaction guarantee on anything I do. I stand by my work, live up to my word, and take my business seriously. I have a million questions and will probably create a new thread for every one of them shortly if I find this a welcoming site, as I'm sure it is. I'm excited about meeting you and the opportunity to make new friends as I have done on other forums. I also look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals. Thanks in advance for your kindness and insight.

With the heart of a friend,

Josh Griffeth (Uncle Josh)


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Hey Josh,

sounds like your off to a good start. Good luck with everything. I want to give you the first tip on lawn site. Most questions you will think of have likely been asked many times and if you do a search you will find so much information your head will spin. So use the search before posting your question. If you cant find your answer there are many people on here who will be happy to help you. Again good luck and keep up you positive attitude.

P.S. That must have been some ring to get a scag for it.


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Atlanta, GA
It looks like you are headed in the right direction. I'm not far from ya. Just a little west over on the upper parts of Atlanta and Alpharetta. To add a little something about the search function, use it. But if you have to start a new thread to cover topics that have been addressed already, don't get discouraged by the few azzholes that will scream to use the search button. Sometimes even though a topic has been covered several times you may not find the answers you are looking for.

Best of luck to you!!

Uncle Josh

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Athens, Georgia
Hey thanks so much guys! I appreciate your kindness and words of wisdom! Fl-landscapes, it was a heckuva ring, bud. I paid around five thousand for it. Stupid. Women are so evil. Anyway, that's besides the point . . . I was only asking 3K dollars for the ring so I felt that was a great deal I got. Needless to say I made my dad proud. Got my horse-tradin' from him he says, lol.

The-Other-Side, I am looking for people in every direction from me to refer to people needing services in those areas. I want all the contacts I can get. Keith Ferrazzi said in his book, "Never Eat Alone", "People do business with other people they know and like, plain and simple". I am looking for people I know and like in other areas so I can help them reach their goals by sending other prospects their way, bud. If you are headed to the North Ga. area sometime or if I'm headed to Atl. let's meet up and get acquainted. Best of luck to you as well pal! Thanks for the advice!



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Good luck to you Josh. I am about 28 miles north of you. In Maysville. Good info on this forum. Be a student of the forum though and not a disciple of it.


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Winder, GA
Good luck to you Josh, I am right over here in Winder about 20 minutes from you...

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