Athletic field aeration schedule at school

Discussion in 'Sports Field Maintenance' started by MowerMonday, Jul 20, 2017.

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    I'm a groundskeeper at a private school in Denver, CO. During the school year (we start end of August this year) our athletic field (aside from being used for after school sports and throughout the day PE classes) is also used for recess and open periods so it gets a lot of traffic. I'm restricted from core aeration during the school year because the smaller kids throw the plugs at each other and track mud inside, so other than winter break my only opportunity to get good core aeration is during the summer. I do slice aerate when possible but have doubts about the effectiveness with such high traffic.

    I always core aerate immediately following the summer sports camp (mid-June) but am wondering if I should aerate again first part of August. Any thoughts?
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    You could always pull around some chain link fence to break up the cores , so there is nothing to throw . But if you could wait till end of august you are better
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    I am a groundskeeper at a High School in Spokane, Wa. We actually just aerated/fractured our practice and main football field last week with a disk harrow worked better than I thought it would....The harrow was a single row harrow....I am looking for a pull behind plugger aerator for the other fields as well.....
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