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Larger acreage quotes (2-5 ac) and athletic field quotes vary widely in my area. I am curious if any would share their pricing formula for application alone ( preferably do not include fert or chemical charges since everyone's program is a little different). Base your comments on if it were multiple app/repeat customer accounts. Also, grounds are adaptable to boom sprayers and/or z-sprays -- no walking required.



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Don't really know the answer but wanted to say I saw your truck at A&M last week or week before--Nice color... Must have been there for the irrigation workshop?? I work out there as a research Associate for Turf/Forage breeding. I have my own business on the side Wylie Farmersville Lavon Princeton areas
Nevada is doing alot of residential too. Mowing & lawn/ tree shrub program only part-time. Stopped by Lesco today, I do granular and back-pack it for now My first ad is going out next week . If you see it let me know what you think.
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It is probably bad form to reply to own post, but I am still seeking input. I have a backlog of estimates awaiting me on larger acreage properties such as school sites. It simply isn't feasible to base application on the $5-$7/k that most use for smaller jobs.

Several methods might be :
1) $60-$75/hr plus material
2) material x 3
3) cost plus

Customers don't seem to have a clue as to what is normal, but I do intend to be fair and still make a profit. One customer simply said to do what it takes. Again, all this work is adaptable to a z-spray or 20ft boom spayer and most would require little movement of support vehicle. Most of these inquires have never contracted out weed/fert care.

Comments would be very much appreciated.


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On larger jobs I did them at a straight $3 or $4 a 1000 sqf. no trip charge. I do a 4 ap fert program which incudes WC. On my 4 ap program total exspence for the season is around $4.89 per 1000. So you make no profit on the first ap but everything after that is mostly profit. Usually up to 200,000 sqf is $4, over that is $3.

5 acres: 218,000 sqf, 218 x $3 = $654 per ap x 4aps= $2616.00

exspence for 4 aps. 218 x $4.89 = $1066.00

so you make $1550 for 4 days work, if that not enough try $3.50 a 100. workthe number till you feel it is right.

Hope I was able to help,



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we use a formular for what we call 'big' accounts (big is 10acres or more)
Hourly rate of $60 per hour (we generally figure 3 acres per hour)and figure in travel time and loading time(1hour min.)
product cost plus 100% mark-up

James Cormier

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We price all commerical accounts at $36.00 per K, for annuall program, ( 5 apps )

Example, 210,000 sq ft property would be

210X36=$7560.00 for the season then divide by 5 to get app price = $1512.00 per treatment. This is a normal IPM lawn program that includes lime.

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