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  1. MikeD520

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    We were contacted by a youth athletic association to submit a turf care program. The program's requirements are very general... fertilization, weed management, aerating, and overseeding. The mowing and other maintenance work is performed by another contractor.

    We have a several athletic field programs from the Penn State Agricultural Extension. The program also includes a lime application, aerate and overseed @ 4lb/1000 sq ft, a single pass aeration (no overseed), and heavy aerate with light overseed.

    Would this bid be as an hourly rate or is it bid as a $0.00/1000sqft? If it is bid by area, how much lower of a percentage is this type of work compared to residential rates?

    Yes, I'm certified, licensed, insured, educated...

    We are in southeastern PA.

    Thanks for you help.
  2. greenoasis

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    I think you need to look at both your labor cost on the hourly rate side, as well as your production rate for applying product on a sq ft basis. Once you figure out how long it takes you to apply the product to 1000 sq. ft., you can then multiply that by your labor cost.
  3. James Cormier

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    Mike, I sent you a pm with some of my prices for this type of work

  4. LB Landscaping

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    I just bid on a private school in the area. They have a full time athletic field employee on their payroll. Just goes to show how important it is for some places to have the field done right and that they are willing to pay good money to do so.
  5. MikeD520

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    Jim, thanks for the pm, but for some reason I have not received it. Would you mind resending it?


  6. James Cormier

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    Mike, for some reason your not signed up for PM's

    I will put the info here, but its just between you and I :laugh:

    For my fields I do 4 apps of fert at $6.00 per k, one app of Merit at $9.00 per k, and I aerate 5 times a year at $11.00 per K

    I over seed 3 times with the core aerations, at 4lbs per K and I charge $3.50 per lb applied.

    I use this for my aeration and overseeding, its pretty slick and I can do all my fields ( 450k ) in a day, I apply the fert with a PG ultra.

    Hope this helps
  7. turfsolutions

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    Do you have problems with crabgrass?
  8. James Cormier

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    Believe it or not, I don't.

    Its amazing..I know, I know that a thick healthy turf is the best crabgrass control, but I would never chance it on a residential customers lawn.

    You got to remember I aerate the crap out if it, seed it 3 times, some years they had me do extra overseedings, and it has its own well so they water alot.

    Its a great account for me!
  9. lawnservice

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    just curious...i assume this is a multiple use field (soccer,football,baseball)? so it takes a real beating and thats the reason you overseed 3 times per season?
  10. MikeD520

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    Yes it is the reason.

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