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Atlanta Anybody with WDO License


LawnSite Senior Member
Atlanta, Ga.
I do not but I know a few people. Do you have a mold problem? That stuff will make you very sick. HVOC's are very dangerous. Todays building materials contain a large amount of formaldehydes, etc. Nasty stuff:alien: Do you or someone you know have any toxic mold exposure symptoms??? Aspergillus and Stachbotrys are wicked. I have done a lot of research on mold and mold exposure, etc.


LawnSite Member
hi. Thanks for the heads up :). Actually I didn't make myself very clear. I am networking for an individual with a current WDO license because I have just opened my own business and do not have that license. I also do not plan on getting it. I am looking to employ this person, as I am female (my husband is a lawn care member on this site) and cannot do the drilling anyway. That's why I am looking to employ someone who is current. Thanks!