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    Before I start I am Licensed and am located in western PA. I'm going to bid a high school football field this Thursday. Thought I'd share some of My thoughts. This is my first year in business for myself. I have done everything on football fields except bid on them. Anyhow, I am bidding on a fert/pesticide program. I'll be doing a little over the end lines about 65/k worth.

    April/May starter fert (school will be seeding)
    June slow release
    Sept 30% slow
    Oct 30% slow
    Nov winter fert

    Is $3.50/k? in the ball park, roughly $1140/yr

    Grub control, I will be using a generic product called zenith. Same ai. as in merit. $50.00 a bag need 3 of them

    $6/k comes out to $390

    Since the school will be seeding this spring I won't be using a preemergent. They don't have a crabgrass problem, but if one arises I'll probably spot spray with acclaim. How do you bid out spot spraying? How should I come up with a figure if the super asks for one? I guess to make an educated estimate, I'd have to know my costs in material, but I don't know how much material i'll have to use, if a problem were to arise.

    Please share your thoughts. thanks

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