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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. Anyone side discharge with toro atomic blades? i was wonderin how they do in a single blade configuration?
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    My dealer gave me a set of regular gator blades when I bought my new Z master. I've only used them once. They shred the grass clippings up great ( better than stock blades ) but I think the quality of cut starts to suffer when you try to mow at faster speeds. I think I'm going to ry a set of gator hilift or magnums. Hope they have a better quality of cut ( better vaccum ) Don't know if the atomic's are any different but my Toro dealer was pushing the gators cause they were cheaper than the toro blades. JMHO Marc

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    In my personal experience, you have to run the genuine Toro Atomic's to get the full benefit of the sfs deck. I tried gators and I was getting some kind of crossed up air flow under the deck which left some windrows in higher grass situations. Switched to the Atomics and the deck dispersed clippings as good as it does with solid foils. The reason I think is the Atomics have 5 mulch tip foils which must keep up a better air flow, as oppesed to 3 1/2 foils like on the gators. The Toro engineers must have done their homework.
  4. gravedigger5

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    Brian, I might check into that, thanks Marc
  5. Thanks gravedigger and brian


    Yep atomics are what we were gonna try .
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    My dealer doesn't stock the Toro Atomics. I am installin my first srt of Gators today. Where is the best place to purchase the Atomics on-line.

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