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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RAlmaroad, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I have an old jug of Atrazine 41% that I bought years ago before it was a RUP. I can still buy it at the local Co-op in the 2.5 gal jug, but I don't need that much and it drys up, get thick and nasty. I've been straining it through cloth.
    Question: Atrazine 4% is available in smaller quanities, my summer spray is .075 oz. of 41% would 7.5 oz of 4% be the same in strength as the 41%? My math says yes, but mind is questioning. Ric?
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    Yes the shelve life of atrazine 4 L is not good. It does tend to settle out into a hard brick in the bottom of both the jug and your spray tank.

    The only difference in the watered down GUP version and 4 L is the water. Mix accordingly.
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    You guys can spray Atrizine this time of year? If you can then BOOOOO!! :laugh:

    Can't spray it between 4/15 and 10/15 in GA.
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    Thanks Ric: That is what I figured. So, on a 20K lawn that 150 oz of 4% or about 2 gal at about $12/pint or $192. Damned, I get the 2.5 gal for about $25.
    Sure is a lot of profit in that watered down stuff if you do the numbers.
    Thanks again, I'll stick with the 4L even if I only get about 3-4 years outa it.

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