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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by redspot321, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. redspot321

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    Guys Ive been using Atrazine4L for years on my St. Aug Lawn. This stuff was wonderful.

    The new atrazine is only 4% and 3x the price? I dont understand why the price trippled when the product is cheaper?

    Is the 4% even worth buying? Whats a good replacement if not?
  2. Ric

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    If you are a home owner, Go with Weed & Feed, it still has the same AI or percent of Atrazine and can be purchased any where. Spot treatment with watered down Atrazine only after 30 days or longer of Weed & Feed. CPO can still buy 4L Atrazine as a RUP and must keep records of every drop used. There are too many alternative herbicides to list here. Atrazine won't get every weed any how. Try Image for those weeds Atrazine won't control. But don't ask about grassy weeds because U of Fla will tell you they can't be controlled. Of course U of Fla is now going Green and won't recommend any thing chemical. At least Weed & Feed will give you some pre emerge control of grassy weeds.
  3. redspot321

    redspot321 LawnSite Member
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    Ric, I heard you were the man!! Glad you chimed in.

    Im new at the "lawn lingo" Whats AI CPO RUP:hammerhead:

    Weed and feed is hard on a lawn this time of year no? Just seems to be alot of nitrogen in it.

  4. Ric

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    AI Active Ingredant

    CPO Certified Pesticide Operator

    RUP Restricted use Pesticide

    GUP General use Pesticide


    There are only so many windows of Opportunity for proper control. Timing is most important. You need to set up a program.
  5. gregory

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    redspot it sucks us home owners can't buy Atrazine 4L anymore the weaker stuff is like you said 3x's the price....

    RIC is very knowageable when it comes to st augustine turf....

    the best thing i can tell you is to id the weed and use the proper stuff to kill it just don't spray stuff out there just to spray something Atrazine is more of a winter herbicide don't spray this time of year wait until nov or so....
  6. johnebe

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    so...for St. Augustine/Centipede

    the lowes atrazine is 4% and the rate is 8.6 oz/1000sf

    the 4L atrazine is 40.8% and the rate is 1.5oz/1000sf

    ...not sure of the math...can you simply multiply concentration by rate and have some kind of number for comparison...? 34.4 vs 61.2...? and could you then simply bump up the 4% atrazine to 15.3 oz/1000sf to get the same 61.2 number that the 4L gives you...?

    my first post...thanks...
  7. Ric

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    4% = .04 Times 8.6 oz = .344 oz of Active ingredient

    40.8% = .408 Times 1.5 oz = .612 oz of Active ingredient.

    BUT The RATE HAS BEEN CUT TO .75 OZ PER THOUSAND. Therefore the 4% is applied at about the same rate as the new Label rate of the RUP. The biggest problem with 4% is the cost because you are paying for 96% inert material cost plus shipping & packaging etc.

    The Lower Rate is working, But not as fast as the original higher rate. Atrazine is a surface and ground water contaminate. It has been pulled by the EPA before and it will get pulled by the EPA again. But for now it is back on the market until??????? You will find the new rate is more heat tolerant and can be applied in a larger window with good results.
  8. Happy Frog

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    What makes it more heat tolerant? It is the same chemical, isn't it?
  9. johnebe

    johnebe LawnSite Member
    Messages: 7 i was referencing an old 4L label...ok... so the new 4L usage rate is now a lower concentration than the consumer 4% atrazine...interesting...sounds like the 4% peeps must have already bottled a large supply and will get hit with a reduction for new batches...OR...are these common reduced "consumer" percentages on chemicals just a built-in margin of error for the untrained DIYs...? so maybe the 4% is already dummy-proof enough...? i dunno...
  10. Ric

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    Happy Frog

    Because of the lower rate the desirable turf is under less stress and can tolerant the lower rate much better in heat or other stress conditions. As for any Formulation changes I am unaware of any. However there are several manufactures of the end product that I can not keep up with. The old UHS then UAP and now purchased by another corporation, sold and maybe sells a 4L Atrazine with no heat restriction on the label. I have a little of that GUP labeled 4 L Atrazine left. It will go bad if not stirred and kept cool in Florida heat. I plan to use it all up this season.

    As for the 4% Atrazine and label rates etc. I have not read the label in a long time and know very little about it except being told by my supplier I didn't want to pay the price. I used the rate given in my other post. Weed and Feed never had a rate change to my knowledge and is still at the old AI rate. I will say the 4% I have used in the past has stayed in solution much better than 4 L.

    Numbers in the pesticide name indicate the weight in pounds of AI (active ingredient) per gallon. 2EC is 2 pounds of AI in a Emulsion Concentrate formulation etc. Manufactures and chemists talk about 4 pound and 6 pound material loaded or unloaded. Roundup pro is a 4 pound loaded product because it already has surfactants added. Two different 4 pound material can have different percentages of AI because of the density of that AI material.

    There is more to understanding horticulture than WHAT PRODUCT DO I USE???

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