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  1. Dennis

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    I have a ??? on using Atrazine, I have a Hyb. Burmuda lawn and it says to use when dormant..OK now does that mean Spray while dormant or it's residule must be gone before it greens up???
    I'm thinking just not to SPRAY while green and GROWING..
    And NO Atrazine IS NOT restricted in GA.
    And yes I DO have APP license

  2. Island Lawn

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    I'm no help.
    I never heard of it until I was talking to my university extension agent just yesterday. She gave me lots of info at once, so I could certainly be confused. I went away understanding that I could use that stuff at any time.
    I dont have any, so I can't read the label.
    ANY info on this will be helpful!
  3. Forever Green Lawn

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    If the label states to use when the grass is dormant, then you are right, spray when the grass isn't green and growing. I looked at a label for Atrazine 4L made by UHS and didn't see anything about using it on dormant Bermudagrass. I've never used it, so I'm really not sure.

  4. Rodney Johns

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    I find this interesting. I know about many of the "triazine" family chemicals however I have never heard of many applications being used on turfgrass. Please if someone knows, let me know more. Most of the "triazine" family is being fazed out in many states.
  5. Turfdoctor

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    I used Atrazine for several years on golf courses. Usually, we sprayed when bermuda was totally dormant mainly to nuke all cool season grasses such as poa, fescue, etc. The only concern in my opinion with residue is that it runs like a river! Do not use up hill from any cool season desirable turf or pine trees. Found out the hard way. It ran 400yds across a driving range and through a overseeded fairway! Never had any problem with damaging bermuda even when applied within 3 weeks of green up. Personally, I never use the stuff any more. 40ozs roundup/acre applied with low water volume(NOT CHEMLAWN GUN)works great to clean up bermuda. I always finish before March 1st in TN area. If you do it with a chemlawn gun, you will drench to bermuda stolons and set bermuda back 30 days. I begin roundup treatments in January, regardless of air temps. It sometimes takes 4-6 weeks to kick in, but always does the trick. E-mail me if you have questions. Sincerely, Robert G. Stroud Jr. "The Turf Doctor"

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