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    I live in S.E. Louisiana and have St. Augustine grass that has been crowded over with clover and dollar weeds. We have temps in the 80's. Atrazine used to be available at Ace Hardware and cannot find any at Walmart. Any idea if it has been discontinued or banned in this state? Has the label been changed, product renamed? If its not available...any recommendations on another product that will be just as effective? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Atrazine is now a restricted use product and expected to go off the market soon. However, here in Florida it can still be purchased at home improvement stores. As a matter of fact they just came out with a new product: Image plus Atrazine. Not sure about your state but here you can still get it.

    Another alternative if you can't find it is Manor.
  3. Agri-AFC

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    Manor or Image would be your best choice.
  4. hmartin

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    Simazine controls about the same weeds as Atrazine and it is not a Restricted Use Pesticide.

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