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  1. des1477

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    Any of you guys have luck with it for dollar weed. This also has weed and feed in it. Im I just wasting time and money.
  2. gregory

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    atrazine works very well against dollar weed...the liquid (40%) works alot better then the granular atrazine...but us home owners have to buy the weak 4% stuff now
  3. RAlmaroad

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    Like Karl said about the atrazine--It's all the same A.I./acre--it just take 10 times as much to get the effect of the RUP. Anyway, a good product for your St. Augustine/Centipede is "Image" It is sold in a handy hose end applicator. Just make sure you use the correct amount. I think one bottle covers 6000sq. ft. It work pretty good but will need two application. just make sure your turf is growing well. DO NOT USE IT ON DORMANT GRASS. I sprayed a ditchline for a little dollar weed that was still yellow in January a couple of years back and it killed that centipede 'deader than a doornail" whatever that means. I'm thinking of splitting a bottle into the backpack (4gal) and mixing it with basagran .45/K with sticker and testing that on dollarweed. I don't have any now but probably could find a ditch somewhere. Also, dollarweed in SC does not start to show up until late summer. I'll quit now as I could write a book. OH Yes, your product Pen...... 15-9-15 Weed and Feed with Atrazine is a waste of money. Check the label for active atrazine. Nowhere close enough to control dollarweed.
  4. des1477

    des1477 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the info

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