Att Bob West, MY age old Question????


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Mr West

As a CPO in the State of Florida, Why can some of my customers buy your produces Cheaper than I can from your stores??? I understand giving a little discount to homeowner of certain Golf Course Community. However even when I had a retail nursery and large maintenance operation before Down sizing at age 65 I couldn't get a fair price from you people. I have had a long running battle with Lesco over prices. Please don't tell me I need a certain volume to get a good price. My first year in Business I hit that 10 K YTD mark and got the discount for that level. The next month I fell less than $ 100 short of that YTD mark and lost that discount. BTW that was the month Lesco lost my Business.

Fact is UAP, Helena, and Southern Agi. will deliver on account cheaper than I can pay cash for the same products at your store. I can get chemicals delivered 3 different days of the week at less cost and greater cash flow than I can pick up chemicals at your Store.

BTW Now that Lesco has sold off your manufacturing plants, I can buy the same Blends from the above named suppliers made in the same plant. Fact is I had an order come in Lesco Bags from UAP because they received the Fert that way. I am sure they don't like that any more than you do.

PS When I go to your Web Site and don't log in I get the same retail prices as when I do Log in, RETAIL.

BTW You can't buy a CPO in the local supermarket in Florida like you can in every other state. Florida has the hardest test in the nation and requires an education to pass. In my case several College degrees and I am also a CEU provider.