Attachments for Stihl trimmers


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Portsmouth, VA
I just bought a Stihl FS85 trimmer and was looking at the attachments available for it, specifically the articulating hedge trimmer and pruning saw. Anyone use these? I think they look a bit more sturdy than the "split boom" types.


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I bought a FS-85 earlier this year. I've never used it as a trimmer. I put on the power scythe head for clearing stickers and weeds. About a month ago I got the articulating trimmer attachment. I trimmed a hedge that was 9' high with out a ladder. Be careful, this head is razor sharp, I've got the scar to prove it!


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I do have the fs-85 With the grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and power prunner. That i got a week ago.

The hedge trim works great!! I trimed a 10' tall hemlock and 5' wide with out a ladder. the top got from the deck.

I would get the 90 degree hedge trimer. I Just trim a 8' hedge with no ladder. Just turn your hedge trimmer to 90 degrees.

Last but not least is the power prunner. i used that on three and it also works good. I one job wish the pole i longer.