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    I am starting a new Thread because I think this is a question that would benefit all.


    I know on another thread I asked a question about information on attachments. I have about several attachements in various places (not on the Hustler web site) but for some reason I am unable to locate a good source about who and what they are.

    Can Hustler's web site give in detail information about attachements for mowers. I know you just spoke about a flex seat attachment but I can find no information about it on your web site.

    Also, I read about a "sand attachment"....i have no clue as to what that is, but it has been listed on other web sites as an attachment available for the mowers.

    Also listed on other sites are the optional Rear Anti-Scalp wheel, but no picture or information is available, ditto with the Hitch Kit, Sand Kit.

    Not to be the guy that wants to get into Hustlers stink.....(i love Hustler mowers and am an advocate of their quality and duribility(my quote is in your brochures(and in fact i just upgraded to an X-One))) but, online is the way to go today. People search for information online, usually at the source, if it is not heir it is hard to sell.

    I for one am looking for information on attachements. The path of least resistence, look on the web site.....hmm....not their I move on rather than call or email. Lazy I guess.....

    Having this information available would make it real easy for Hustler to cause me to part with my $$$money$$$.

    ok, time to get off of my soap box.



    P.S. how do i get a tour of your factory in Heston....i live in Mulvane and work in Wichita (McConnell AFB)
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    Good afternoon,

    The Flex Seat is only available for pre 2011 Super Z's and Hustler Z's, it does not fit on anything newer or any other models.
    It is a seat platform (not a seat) and it incorporates a torsion suspension to help with the rocking or back slap you get in rough conditions.

    The sand kit is for any VX4 deck, X-One or Super Z, it a a kit which includes plates to be bolted under the deck to be another layer of steel that will help resist sand blasting to the deck, it is replaceable as sand wears through it.

    The optional rear anti scalp wheels come in 2 kits, a single and a dual.
    These bolt in under the center rear of any VX4 deck.
    They help to prevent scalping.

    Factory tours are available.
    There is a link on our website >
    Fill the information out and it will go to the person who sets up the tours and they will gladly get you set up.

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    Wonder why deck was designed for two rear anti scalp wheels ?
    is there a benifit from running two on the vx4 deck.:confused:
  4. mowerconsultant

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    Less scalping in the rear of the deck area on lower cut or in areas where your doing more uneven properties.


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