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    I've been doing business for a company out of Pepperell MA. The company's name is Reliable Property Maintenance. They deal with foreclosed homes and I was contacted by the owner to do plowing for them. Well I took on the jobs not knowing the bad reputation that she carries! Well I found out the other company that did work for her so I contacted them and he wrote an email to her stating that he had talked to me and that she still owed him money as does she to me . well she had her layer well there para legal contact me and she couldn't give me any straight answers besides that the banks haven't payed this lady so I WILL NOT BE GETTING PAID until she receives payment.

    Now i am fairly new to the business aspects to landscaping but i'm pretty sure that she hired me not the banks and i was told that by her in person. So if she hired me , witch she did why do i have to wait for the banks to pay her for me to get my money ? has anyone else had this happen to them ?

    So i guess i'm saying to anyone that owns a business to NEVER get mixed up with this company due to her lies and poor business approach to everything that is going on. I havent been paid for one full storm for the entire winter !!! :nono::hammerhead::realmad::wall

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