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    (Reprinted from the Connecticut Farm Bureau website. It may pertain to your business or locale also)

    "As reported previously, the US Department of Labor and the CT Department of Labor are conducting their
    yearly inspections. They usually focus on nursery, greenhouse, fruit and vegetable growers that have migrant
    or H2A workers. This year they will also be on other farms (including dairy) which employ more than 500 man
    days in any quarter. CFBA has received some calls about what actually gets reviewed. The type of labor
    you have determines what gets inspected. During all visits, employment records will be checked. Your
    records should be maintained for a minimum three years and must reflect at least the following on each

    Full name, social security number, sex of employee

    Complete address and zip code

    Birth date on record if under age 19, and verification (working papers from a school or copy
    of a birth certificate)

    Time and days when employee is expected to work

    Any specific conditions

    Hours worked each day—regular and overtime

    Total hours worked each week—regular and overtime

    All deductions and/or additions from employee wages

    Date of wage payment and pay period covered by payment

    All checks used to pay wages must have a check stub which shows the
    employer name, address, and employer identification number

    I-91—Employment eligibility verification form.

    You also need to have two posters posted:

    1.The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which discloses federal standards

    (Call 860-240-4160 for a copy)

    2.Connecticut Administrative Regulations

    (Call 860-263-6790 for a copy)

    (TLG note: These requirements pertain to all employees, not just H2A and migrant)

    If you are using H2A workers, the inspection includes everything related to housing, transportation, work
    conditions and record keeping. Just because you may contract labor does not lessen your responsibility
    towards your workers. US Dept. of Labor holds the contracting grower liable as well as the labor
    contractor if they find problems. PLEASE be sure the labor contractors you use are licensed by the US
    Dept. of Labor. You can obtain a list of New England contractors by calling the Boston office at
    617-565-2092, or verify through the national listing by calling 1-800-800-0235. There have been
    transportation issues already this year, with H2A labor being moved by non-licensed contractors and across
    state lines. Heavy fines will be imposed on those not adhering to the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural
    Worker Protection Act (MSPA).

    If you have any questions, please contact and seek clarification from:

    CT Department of Labor 860-263-6020

    US Department of Labor 203-773-2630 "


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