Attention Doubters I got my new Dixon. Its awesome!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnagent, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. lawnagent

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    Well I went and did it. Dixon is ALL I have ever used. I bought the new Dixon Model 7525. It is one AWESOME piece of machinery. I will say this much to some of you who said Dixon was the Murray of ZTR's. This one makes my other Dixon feel like a Murray. This thing has a top speed of 13 MPH and I decided to see how much of that speed I could use and still cut good. Answer: all of it. There is NO WAY if some of you would ever Demo this machine, that you could honestly say that it is not as good a commercial mower as you can get. Not the best maybe but It is right up there with the Scags and Exmarks. They use the same wheel motor set up as Exmark and Scag. I have chatted with one of the most respected members of this site and he has said that most people's comparisons are being made to the residential lineup of Dixons and not commercial. Ill let him chime in if he so desires. I will post later as far as different scenarios I put it in and how it performs but so far I am very happy I made the purchase. Remember I am not here to bash the other brands, there are alot of other awesome brands out this is the link because I am not to savvy at posting pics.
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    So how do you know this?:confused:

    I've only used Scag, Lesco and John Deere, so I don't know anything about the Dixons.

    But if the Dixon cuts and handles the way you need it to and you are satisfied with the price, then congrats on the new mower
  3. From what I’ve read and heard, Exmark’s popularity comes from it’s quality, longevity, and support. You’re your own judge of the quality, but the longevity and manufacturer/dealer support remain to be seen. Hope this machine works out for ya.
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    The main thing is if you are happy with it since that is what counts.

    Is this their top of the line mower. Their site says estate/commercial mower. There is always a WAY someone could demo the unit and say it is not as good a commercial mower as you can get.

    The Hustler Super Z I have has better hydos. I notice they only have a 1 year warranty. Hustler has 2 years/1200 hours warranty and can go to a 3rd year limited of don't reach the 1200 hours. Hustler has life time limited warranty on the frame defects, leaking hydraulic hoses/fittings. Engine covered 2 years by manufacturer. That is few things I can think of now that I think my Hustler is better than the Dixon you bought.

    I hope you can add a seat with springs under it since you will want one after a few bumpy yards rock you around in that seat.

    How much did you pay for it? We may be comparing apples and oranges here due to price differences.
  5. lawnagent

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    Yeah, I have always admitted that the warranty was kinda weak, but with my track record for dixons and having a dealer that is as good as gold to me, I went for it anyway. Youare right, I am gettin some springs for the seat. I have to bash my Dixon for one thing though. That freaking thing has no headlights!! I could not beleive it. I had an OLD residential a 5 year old commercial and my dad has a 2 year old residential. They all have headlights. My new one, their top of the line mower, didnt. I got a really good deal on it. $7,295 I paid almost 7 grand for my 5 year old mower, a 5000 series. I think this one is around 8 frand usually. My dealer aquired the stock of a Dixon dealer who went out of business from Louisville KY. He got them cheap so he cut me a deal.
    Red Dwarf. Maybe I broke a commandment because I have only used a exmark one time. But I have used Scag on numerous occasions in about any situation you could throw at it, when I worked for a few years on my local city maintenance crew a few years ago. We had, at that time, 3 woods 2grasshoppers, 1 dixon and 2 scag. Look for my post under dixon Mowers to see my comparison between them all. :)
  6. lawnagent

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  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Does it have the nice features of the Country Clipper?

    Just curious since they look so much alike. Seems like the flip up deck is trick and I think I would also like the fact that the deck is suspened from the pivoting front axle which should make it follow grund contours much better than other brands (less Ferris)
  8. ducky1

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    I wish you lots of luck
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    Envy, Yes it appears to be set up a whole lot like the Country Clipper. I love that flip up deck. Easiest I ve ever used for changing or sharpening blades. After another full day on it, all ican say is its great. I mowed one of my larger properties yesterday and what took me a little over 3 hours with my 50" Dixon took 1 hour and 20 minutes with the new 60" Like I said, It makes my 5000 series dixon feel like a Murray.;) But my other one is also getting old so you expect them to slow down some I guess. I took one yard hat had about 2 weeks growth on it. We have had plenty of rain and 80 degree temps so its growin pretty fast still. I was able to do it full speed and not miss a beat. Yard looked great when done. I am taking pics and if I ever get good at posting them I will.
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    Sorry, I was just going by your original post in this thread, where you said "Dixon is ALL I have ever used".......

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