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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassfarmer, May 4, 2003.

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    Hey its me agian. I ended up buying that Ferris 1000 Z but havent had the best of luck with it. I 'll tell you my problem. It rained yesterday morning here about a inch . So i went out to mow my yard. about 1 oclock and it was not really wet but the grass was a little bit damp. Boy did I have the awfullest time mowing. the grass was not really that tall cause i mowed it last tuesday. But anyway I was mowing along and the thing would clump on me . its like it couldnt get the grass outta there. It was throwing big clumps like mounds of grass out like it was struggling to get it out. I got done and my lawn looked worable big grass piles from where it had been discharged. So i slowed down a little bit and it was still doing it. In all the lawn mowers i have owned i have never had that kind of problem like that. I am running regular blades. You guys think there is another kind of blade i should go to. Let me know if you guys have ever experienced this kind of problem before. thanks in advance Matt
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    I here Double high Lifts Help Ferrises.

    smaller 664.jpg

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