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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerman87, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I just test-drove a 52" ferris with the 21hp? kawasaki engine. It felt fine but I really cant tell until I'm on my hilly yards. I'm trying to decide which zero is right for me. Im really looking for something in the 48" deck category with a really low center of gravity. The ferris I demo'd was $6100 and the comparable exmark mower was a hundred bucks more. But I'm also interested in the scag lineup. Its such a big investment (first retail zero purchase)! My dixiechopper, model year 2001, is just not making a quality cut. And its so high up I feel like I could tip over easily. Is there really any appreciable difference between Gravely, Ferris, Scag, Exmark, and Toro? Should I try to buy used maybe and save a few thousand? What are you guys putting around on what do you advise against?
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    I have both a exmark and a ferris(60' decks) I use my ferris on the hills more then the exmark. Exmark has a better cut in heavy wet grass. The Ferris rides much better. My Ferris will also climb a steeper hill then the lazer. One hill I do the lazers front end will come off the ground, ferris wont...Niether has weights up front. :usflag::usflag:

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