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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Sean Adams, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Sean Adams

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    Long-Time Lawnsite member Ric in conjunction with LawnSite is giving a Weed Control Seminar at his home in Punta Gorda Fla. Each seminar is limited to only 10 people so Ric can give everyone personalized attention of his education and years of experience. Ric is 65 years old, College educated, and now a retired successful landscaper and Certified Pest Control Operator. Ric's Business before retiring included a nursery as well as Installation and Maintenance Services. His Former Employees now own that business.

    Ric will cover the following topics in a 3 hour seminar and followed by a question and answers of any green industry subject. The Cost it only $ 50.00 and includes the following.

    1. Over the Top weed control of ornamental shrubs.

    2. Pre emerge herbicides benefits and problems

    3. Problems of herbicide spraying in ornamental beds.

    4. Cultural practices of weed control.

    5. Control of Brazilian pepper trees and other noxious exotics.

    LawnSite and Ric are planning more seminars in the near future. LawnSite will also be offering Plant ID, Pest control and Fertilization of plants as a Mini course as the next step. This mini course will include working with all of the more common actual plants and seeing the results of your treatments. Get in on the EXTRA INCOME for your business from the valuable information at these fine Seminars.

    They will be scheduled by demand on a first come basis. The First Seminar will be Held on March 11, 2006 so hurry because only 10 members will be allowed to attend each seminar. Study Material will be provided.

    To send your $50 payment by check or money order:

    Ric Trader
    PO Box 494993
    Port Charlotte, Fla 33949

    If you have any questions for Ric, email him direct at
  2. Ric

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    Thank You Sean

    The only that separates you from everyone else in the business, is what you know. Education is how you get ahead.

    Florida's Limited Pesticide license can be a very valuable tool in helping any LCO improve there business. Unfortunately there is not enough training to allow LCO to take full advantage of their license. Since Weed Control is a number one concern of the customer we have elected to start with it. Now instead of spraying just those weed easy to get, You can kill weeds growing inside Jumpers or other plants without hurting them. No one likes to pull weeds and this seminar is about just that. You can now control weeds in all areas with out pulling them. It also will give basic chemical understand and study material for seminars to follow.

    It is our hope that this first series of weed control seminars receives enough acceptance to allow us to offer seminars on full blow pest control of ornamentals. The add on service of Pest Control makes you more valuable to your customer and set you apart from the other guy.

    Those attending will also receive my person cell phone number for consultation after the seminar on any subject about pest control or plants.

    For those of you who don't know me, I suggest you do a search under my name in the pesticide forum here at LS. Since my retirement I have not been real active on LS.
  3. bobbygedd

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    i think this is a great opportunity for the folks in the area, or anyone vacationing there during this time, to gain some very valuable knowledge. you guys should really take advantage of this opportunity. unfortunately i won't be there for the first seminar, but hope to be available for any future event. heck, if he can put the entire seminar on paper or cassette tape, i'd gladly pay double for it. best of luck, i think u have a winner here
  4. olderthandirt

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    Ric & Sean
    How about an doing it on line, a web based PPV telecast and then a time to type in any questions and Ric could respond in writing.
    Not everyone can make it to Fla. and Ric can you expand what your covering to other areas of the country????
  5. Sean Adams

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    bobby & Mac - I agree with both of you that finding a way with technology to increase the chance of many people getting their hands on this info and training and Ric's knowledge is a good idea... for right now, this is Ric's show and I am doing what I can to give him an audience. If Ric feels that moving in the direction of technology will open doors I am all for it and will do what I can to help make it work. Ric knows a lot and I think initially being on his "home turf" (no pun intended) would make the process easier initially - especially being a senior citizen and all (just kidding Ric)....
  6. Ric

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    Sean, Mac, BooBy and all members

    My first reaction is. How can we do this in a way that makes it so special that everyone can get value out of it.

    I may be a Cantankerous Old Guy but I am always open to suggestion and new Ideas. I will throw out my first Idea of how I think we can do this and wait for return fire.

    If Sean can set up a audio reply on his sever, we could have as close to a real class room as possible. I am trying to write a book and lack motivation at this time. but I would be motivated to finish each chapter in time for a classroom. Not only would the participants get to download the book as it is written but they would have the subject matter presented to them verbally and be able to ask questions and if fact participate in the writing of this book. Hopefully this form of education would be of real value to everyone including myself.

    I believe each seminar should still be limited to but a few people so more personalized attention can be paid to each person. I believe everyone should be able talk to the group as well, just like a real classroom .

    We could also offer classes at different levels. The Newbie that asks the same question we see each week can be brought up to speed very quick. While the old pros can discuss a subject in more depth that would go over the heads of others.

    The Question is can Sean set this up?? Sorry Sean I should have run this Idea past you first before posting it.
  7. ProMo

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    Im interested If you can do it online somehow
  8. Frontier-Lawn

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    I highly Suggest everyone try to take this class from rick.
    I was taking to rick in September about fert and pest via pm & we can up with him showing me some basic's over dinner one evening. So what we did was meet at the British Open Pub, talked a bit about my clients and what i did know. Then we went out to some of my clients property's and pointed out potential up sells. (Fert, Weed Preventer, Ect.) After that we went back to the Pub Sta had dinner and talked about the steps i need to take to become an A+ Full Service Lawn Provider. So over the total 4 hours we spent i learned alot from rick. Because of rick me profits have increased alot faster then if i just stuck with the basic mow and palm trimming. And i plean on learning more from rick soon!!!!
  9. Ric

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    I am canceling this Seminar. The reason is I have in the works a CEU Provider Certification. I hope to be able to offer CEU in the near future. Once I have the CEU provider Certification in hand I will get with Sean about setting up an on line Seminar. There are a few stipulation about that in the law that we must follow.

    Dave aka Frontier Lawn

    I am glad you felt you got value out of our time spend together. I enjoyed doing it and once again thank you for buying me dinner. One thing I noticed were the question you ask here at lawn site after our meeting. There were many things I said to you that I felt at the time went over your head. However I was wrong because you bought those subject up here on LS for a second opinion. One question you ask for a advice on was how to make a form for keeping track of time spend on a job. I had told you if you wanted to give accurate estimates you needed to know your time for each part of a job. The first step in doing large commercial estimates is knowing your costs. But that opens an entire subject as to how and what to capture as a cost. I believe I told you what costs to capture and how to use those numbers.

    Any time you want to buy me dinner, I will drive to Venice and talk with you again. Heck you are close and I am cheap, a few beers might get me there. :D

    PS You still have my cell phone number and have called from time to time to ask a quick question. Please feel free to do so.
  10. bobbygedd

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    just some feedback........i had the pleasure of spending some time with ole ric while visiting florida this past week. the guy is amazing, to say the least. we walked about and he pointed out every flaw in every plant we saw, easily identifying the culprit wether it was an insect, disease, or an act of man (overwatering, too much fert, etc). he then explained in detail how to treat + maintain each situation. in most instances, he was able to diagnose the situation from 25 feet away as we were aproaching the plant. being dead serious, you guys down in florida who need help should really consider seeing if you can hire him for a day or two of consultation. it's very, VERY well worth it. perhaps even keep him "on retainer" for troubleshooting, if he would consider offering such a service. i am absolutely amazed and impressed with how educated and how much knowledge ric has in this area. you guys are absolutely foolish if you don't take advantage of having this wealth of information at your fingertips.

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