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    Long-Time Lawnsite member Ric in conjunction with LawnSite is giving a Weed Control Seminar at his home in Punta Gorda Fla. Each seminar is limited to only 10 people so Ric can give everyone personalized attention of his education and years of experience. Ric is 65 years old, College educated, and now a retired successful landscaper and Certified Pest Control Operator. Ric's Business before retiring included a nursery as well as Installation and Maintenance Services. His Former Employees now own that business.

    Ric will cover the following topics in a 3 hour seminar and followed by a question and answers of any green industry subject. The Cost it only $ 50.00 and includes the following.

    1. Over the Top weed control of ornamental shrubs.

    2. Pre emerge herbicides benefits and problems

    3. Problems of herbicide spraying in ornamental beds.

    4. Cultural practices of weed control.

    5. Control of Brazilian pepper trees and other noxious exotics.

    LawnSite and Ric are planning more seminars in the near future. LawnSite will also be offering Plant ID, Pest control and Fertilization of plants as a Mini course as the next step. This mini course will include working with all of the more common actual plants and seeing the results of your treatments. Get in on the EXTRA INCOME for your business from the valuable information at these fine Seminars.

    They will be scheduled by demand on a first come basis. The First Seminar will be Held on March 11, 2006 so hurry because only 10 members will be allowed to attend each seminar. Study Material will be provided.

    To send your $50 payment by check or money order:

    Ric Trader
    PO Box 494993
    Port Charlotte, Fla 33949

    If you have any questions for Ric, email him direct at

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