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    No, that was prolly engineered by my friend, Steve Barncard, who replaced me at Wally Heider Recording in S.F. when I bailed on C.S.N.Y. I was either finishing up "Nilsson Sings Newman" at Heider's or getting ready to move to L.A. and start "The Point".
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    You're right... I remember reading something about it on his website come to think of it... as I recall, I ran across Stephen's website through something about George Gruell (sp?) who is an amazing photographer these days of outdoor lighting designs by his (wife?) Janet Moyer.

    Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra sessions involved a who's who of rock legends from SF... members of the Dead, the Airplane, Quicksilver, CSNY, etc. Some of the recordings were released as Starship recordings, also Crosby's "solo" album, etc.
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    BTW, that link by Peter works as an interesting photo essay (intentional or not) of the evolution of ...umm.. hairstyles...

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