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3 weeks ago I slit seeded using Southern Gold. I have kept the water too it pretty religiously. Actually my wife did it since I have I am work from dark to dark so if she did not water enough I have no one to blame.

Anyway, I am having real good growth in most places; however, there are a few places where I did not get much germination and others where it is simply not very thick. Most of the bare spots were my trouble areas before.

Should I broadcast seed over the entire lawn again? Should I try to improve the soil quality by mixing in some peat, top soil or some other additive? Am I too late?

I was thinking about waiting until Spring, but I am afraid that I will need to lay down a preemergent until I get this lawn better established and then the preemergent kills the new grass.

Thoughts, comments?

Thanks in advance


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I dont remember exactly what we talked about before but. The southern gold is a fescue blend of seed. Not all of the fescue will germinate at one time. In the sunny dryer areas it will take longer to germinate than in shady cooler areas. We are getting a good amount of rain today and yesterday as well. I would give it another week to see what does not come in and then maybe reseed those areas. Chances are that if the seed was applied evenly the thin areas will still comein and will soon catchup to the other areas. I overseeded my lawn three weeks ago and just now am seeing growth. Looks like it grew three inches just today. Of course I didnt water at all and the rain this week did all the work.

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