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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguyland, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Hey North Carolina guys...

    Roughly how many weeks do you get to relax/ take off in the winter and when do you usually start in the spring and end in the fall. I guess around last week in february for spring clean-ups. I realize it's a big state with varied climate, but on/near the coast how is the summer with humidity and temp? I'm on Long Island which is zone 7 and summers can be real crappy here as it always seems to be humid. Would love to move off this crowded island and NC seems great, but I like to have some time off and not deal with super hot summers. I'm pretty sure it's similar to here, but depends on where in NC you are. Thanks in advance!
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    Troy (tiedeman) and I are off to the SC coast in a couple of're welcome to come along LOL.
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    I am in North Central NC only about 35 miles from the VA border so the climate is a little cooler here (I also lived in the Southern part 10 miles from SC for many years though). We started clean up's a couple weeks ago, did fert's and Pre-Emps last week and will actually start mowing tomorrow. The grass doesn't "really" need it just yet but it is starting to grow through and heck we bill for March so we should do the work. We have been lucky this year (so far) with little to no snow which is out of the norm but works for me! Last year we cut until December 15th and actually probably could have gone a little longer. My billing is based on 40 cuts, normally March 1-15 through Nov 30-Dec 15th service times.

    The humidity is a KILLER in the entire state, except for the mountains! 100% all Summer long. You are sweating just walking out to your truck! As I said I lived on the Coast too for many years and it is a tad warmer there than here, but since they also have warm season grasses there mostly centipede and we have fescue and don't think the cutting season down towards the coast is probably quite as long as ours here. Not much difference but some.
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    We are the same as MM lawns we cut until mid December last year

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    thanks for the responses everyone

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    Hey Lawnguy
    I've been on both ends of this stick. Born and raised on Long Island, then went off to college in NC in 1981. Never left NC!! I'm in the western part of the state (mountains) and yes, the climate varies in NC. Temps very rarely go over 80 in the summer where I'm at, but you can travel 30 miles either direction and it's 10 - 15 degrees warmer. My mowing season normally runs 30 weeks. Spring and fall cleanups keep me busy another 10-12 weeks. Then I have plenty of extras to do, which keep me busy in the winter, weather permitting. Winters can be harsh. Snow removal is a winter time option.

    Good Luck
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    Rod what makes you and Troy want to move here? On second thought I guess it would beat being in NJ!! LOL You thinking the Myrtle Beach area?
  8. rodfather

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    Messages: 9,501 dad moved there 19 years ago and I go at least once a year for a golf vacation.

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