Attention Rhode Island Landscapers/LCO's

Discussion in 'Network: North' started by FerrisDiesel, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. rlmlandscape

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    RLM Landscape & Pavers
    name: Ryan Menges

    Based out of Wakefield but my area covers East Greenwich, North & South Kingstown, Wakefield, Narragansett and maybe some other towns south of Gansett off rt 1 next year.

    Been working in the field for almost ten years, but this is my first year in business and I'm finishing up my degree in landscape architecture as we speak. It's me and one other employee doing 17 maintenance accounts as of last year along with design build projects, lawn applications and all the other good stuff. Looking to grow the company substantially this upcoming year now that I will be out of school and that my name has been out there for a year.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Glad to hear the surgery went well Irish. Ill post a link to my forum
  2. ralph02813

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    Hey, this is Ralph, located in Charlestown, service my town, Narra, SK, Westerly and Pawcatuck. At it for 5 years, last two years full time, solo operation my baby is at Pat's Spa getting her winter treatment.
  3. ralph02813

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    Hey, I just got a note today, I didn't know this thread existed, but i am glad it does.
  4. ArenaLandscaping

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    Hows it going Ralph ! I was not refering to you with that post :laugh: I will have to look back to my posts and see who it was.
  5. sweetland

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    Hey everyone I'm alive!!! Still recovering and taking it easy. Still in a lot of pain and swollen bu I'm hoping it starts to get better.

    Name is Greg, been doing this for a few years for other people but 3 years ago decided to do it for myself and go legit and I've been enjoying it since. We operate out of Pawtucket and do all surrounding areas especially seekonk, rehoboth, and providence with the occasional ones in Attleboro, np, ep, Lincoln, and rumford.
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  6. sweetland

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    Don't get too close to my area now!
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  7. ralph02813

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    Its going good, I don't do snow, so I am not so upset, I do have a couple of wood lot projects that I am doing just to keep business:cool2:
    I am wondering a couple of things, 1.) Is anyone keeping track of everyone here; 2.) I was wondering if it would be useful to stick our names on each post, at least in this thread so we get to know each other faster, and 3. how many folks here are members of RINLA and why!
  8. newfrontier

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    from Ct... you can count me in!!
  9. FerrisDiesel

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    Welcome Ralph!
    I am keeping track of everyone here on the thread so we have a headcount. I will be
    Sending everyone a pm to ask to be friends, and from there I will make a master email
    List. The number of people are adding up, let's keep it going! Also if you have not done so already
    Click and paste the thread in my signature and add it to your own signature. This will help to spread the word!
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  10. Thanksman

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    Should be cool meetin up.. lots of nice people on this site. Cant wait to get back out there and mow some grass:drinkup:

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