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Attention serious leaf mulchers I have an idea

TSP Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
I would say just make sure your deck isnt that low or you gunna do some turf damage i would imagine. But let us know what you figure out if it works or not.


LawnSite Senior Member
Rochester, NY
Reminds me of when one my dudes put the blades on upside down .. customers called and said. Um is there something g wrong with the mower? Lol there are streaks everywhere in our yard! Haha. They mowed all day like that too!
Did that once. Must have been on automatic pilot when I changed the blades the night before. Lawns were looking like crap. I'm yelling and swearing at the machine. Finally checked....two blades were wrong way. Gonna guess we've all done it!

Interested in seeing the mulching results.....

Cut n Strut

LawnSite Gold Member
As most people that mulch as part of the fall clean up have noticed that mulching leaves in reverse works better for whatever reason. My idea is to put mulching blades upside down to simulate mowing in reverse and see if this grinds leaves better than mulch kits OCD's etc.
I figure I'll try single blades first and then try doubles upside down.
I’ve never had a problem mulching with the blades on correctly. 1st pass keep the chute blocker closed, 2nd pass keep it open, does just fine.


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OMG o_O :popcorn: