Attire for heavy sweaters?


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I’ve been wearing running tank tops for breathability. But since I’ve been getting some reactions on my arms to clippings I need to cover up.

my issue is, when the work day starts, I sweat really bad on my back and belly. Maybe it’s cuz I’m a bit jiggly in those areas. I’ve tried wearing cotton long sleeves but with the sweat I produce it gets heavy, sticks to me, and I hate it.

tried the fishing shirts but maybe I gotta work on my laundry skills, after a few washes I feel those little fabric balls all inside and it irritates me.

what are some good long sleeves to help with my complaints?

Shayne Anderson

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Haha, I got the walrus insulation thing going on myself. I wear the polyester high visibility shirts, that's not saying I don't sweat, (but moreso, I refuse to have a truck smell like someone's hockey duffle bag), at end of each lawn after I've loaded up, I take 2-3 bottles of water(that I have with me for drinking), pour them over my head, chest and back, towel off and put a clean shirt on, hop in the truck with A/C on and by time you get to next yard you're fresh and ready to go. I know, I know, time is money and I'm wasting 3-4 minutes at end of each lawn, but I don't feel like a bag of slime for the ride to the next lawn and I can use my truck on days off without plugging my nose.
This is also crazy(my one guy is 55 and second guy is 59), none of us eat anything all day, NOTHING but a ton of water, until we're done cutting at end of day(dark). if I cut back on carbohydrates in my meals and keep my water intake up I minimize the" slimy sweats'. ol shayner


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Long sleeve performance material (IE dry-fit/etc) tee-shirt UNDER the fishing shirt is how I roll all season long. Inner layer wicks away moisture and the spaces between the two shirts allow for cooling via transpiration.


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Ever thought of trying sunscreen with a high SPF?
I know your problem isn’t sun
But it’s a layer of protection in your skin that might help with grass clippings too

it’s worth an experiment to see if it works

the body is amazingly adaptable
You’re just reacting to what you’re used to
Over a few weeks whatever you start wearing will become the new normal and you’ll just get used to it


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Im a super heavy sweater. Sometimes im even blind dur to sweat in my eyes. From last year to this year ,a night and day differnence. Last year I wore. Dark green100% cotton t shirts. Ball cap and jeans. This year khakis and moisture wicking t shirst, 50/50 cotton polyester. Orange because a light color helps keep you cool. And a tillie hat with the attached bandana thing to cover the back of your head and neck. Also beathable, moisture wicking underwear. Huge improvement. And way cheeper shirts are way cheeper $5 at walmart. Next year im going long sleeve.